Arrow Shooting 2

Arrow Shooting 2, you are a celebrated archer who has to use all your skills to shoot as many targets as possible in 60 seconds. The more targets you shoot,...


How To Play Arrow Shooting 2

Using Mouse

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Arrow Shooting 2, you are a celebrated archer who has to use all your skills to shoot as many targets as possible in 60 seconds. The more targets you shoot, the higher the score, and the more stars you earn. You have 4 different game modes to complete in this cool shooting game: - Score Attack: Shoot all 60 targets as fast as possible to get highscores and unlock new characters. - Time Attack: Challenge your friends for the highest score in 2 minutes with increasing difficulty levels. - Survival: Shoot as many targets as possible before time runs out in 5 different levels. - Cooperative Challenge: Compete with your friends by shooting at least 3 targets simultaneously without hitting any other target to win points. There are 3 characters to choose from, each with their own unique gameplay style and ability: - Katia is an archer who uses her agility and reflexes to target moving objects at a distance. She can also aim further than other archers! END SCRIPT> This one Features: > Awesome graphics that will keep you hooked for hours! > Great replay value that makes it addictive! > 4 different game modes for hours of fun! > Awesome music tracks from our official composer! END

This is the sequel to Arrow Shooting. You must use your skills to shoot arrows at the different coloured targets. This game has 30 levels, with increasing difficulty as you progress through the game. Arrows will fly in from all angles, so reflexes and quick thinking are required to clear each level. Arrows come from cannons, small carts, aircrafts and other vehicles - so be on your toes! Once you master this game, you’ll be able to take on any other archer out there! This game Features: • 30 challenging levels • 6 different arrows • 5 target types • Increasing difficulty as you

Arrow Shooting 2 is a simple but interesting shooting game. You need to shoot arrows to destroy the red arrow as many as you can before it reaches the end of the level. This amazing game is another awesome installment in the Arrow games series. The graphics and sound effects are amazing, and they make this app worth playing over and over again! This game features: - Different challenging levels with increasing difficulty - Special power-ups that help you in your quest - Increasing number of arrows available per level - Amazing graphics and visual

Arrow Shooting 2 is a free online shooting game from Armor Games. You can play it on your mobile phone or tablet. In this sequel you are an archer who has to shoot as many objects as possible with arrows in less time than your opponent. How long can you last? When playing This one, be sure to check out our other games! They all have something in common - great graphics, exciting gameplay and the best

This one is the second installment of the arcade shooting game series. In this game, you can control arrow with your mouse to shoot various objects in your way and try to go through 10 different challenging levels full of obstacles, enemies, traps and other

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