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The dead zone is a geographic area that has been severely affected by the presence of a hidden and lethal virus. The virus claims its victims slowly, sometimes painfully, bringing them down one agonizing step at a time. Those who succumb to the virus become known as walkers. The virus brings out an animal’s most violent tendencies, creating a deadly combination of man and beast known as a walker. A Walker is incredibly strong and fast, making it virtually impossible to take one down with conventional weapons. However in the world of Dead Zone you have access to some of the finest sharpshooters on the planet. You must become a sniper yourself if you want to be able to take on these deadly enemies with anything less than an army at your

ZONE is a 3D shooter game where you must become a super sniper to take out your enemies one by one. This isn’t like other sniping games, here you have to use your skill and not just rely on the scope of your gun. The map is huge and has several zip lines and rope bridges that you must use to travel between various areas. You are also limited with ammo so be sure to use it wisely. Once you grasp the basics of ZONE, the game becomes more challenging as you get better at it. Good

Feel the tension and excitement of being a professional sniper! In this game, you will play as a military sniper who is given only 180 seconds to eliminate targets from an undisclosed location. The longer you are able to stay in the zone, the more points you will earn! You have been given a high-powered rifle, scope, special ammunition and field dressings to help you complete your mission undetected. Can you

The city is under siege. Zombies overrun the place and it’s your job to save as many people as you can. Use your skills to take out every zombie that crosses your path or get hunted yourself. The choice is yours. How long will you last? The zombies are relentless, hunting you down and devouring anyone they come across. If you want to survive this ordeal, you better sharpen your senses and keep

This is a game about shooting zombies, and getting out fast. Our hero is an elite sniper that was contracted to rescue some hostages from an abandoned research facility. However, things went south. The place is crawling with zombies. We'll need to make our escape before more arrive. Except, there are too many of

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Using Mouse

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