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Most cats are active during the day, and they want to play with you. You can play a game with your cat. Play a funny cat game. Your cat will be thrilled! Your cat will be happy when playing this funny game. This game is called Funny Cats Clicker,game,slicing, mobile, clicker, s, html5, kids, arcade. In this game your objective is to make all cats in the grid disappear by clicking them on top of other cats. When a cat falls off the grid it goes away from you forever and out of your life forever as well so it’s best not to worry about losing any games to this because of that reason in the first place! Dogs Are Not As Smart As Cats So In This Game You Have To Slices And Dice Like A Cat:P To Play The Game Just Click On Random Objects. If At Any Time The Cat Finds That It Is Being Taken Advantage Of Then It Will Scratch You To Set Itself Free

Are you ready for some serious fun? If you are an animal lover, then this game will surely amuse you. Cats Slicing Game is a new kind of game that will make you laugh. It has amazing graphics and challenging levels. Keep trying to clear the challenges as fast as possible; this will make you a good player in no time! There are more than 20 cats waiting for their turn on the Cat Slicing Game board. As soon as they get one chance to be able to feel better, they all start fighting with each other mercilessly. This is what makes it so enjoyable in this game of cat slicing! The faster and better your mouse movement is, the higher your score will be in the end of every level. You can also unlock different cats and different playing fields by getting three stars on every level. Do not miss any opportunity to gain extra lives when

Funny Cats Clicker is a fun and addictive game for kids and adults of all ages. It’s an easy to play game with simple mechanics that will make you addicted. The main goal of the game is to feed your cats by clicking on the cat food packets. However, every time you finish feeding them they ask for more! By doing this, they are trying to train you so that at some point in the future, they will eat well again. You play as Charlie who has inherited his uncle’s cat boarding business when he finds out that one of his clients is actually a black market cat breeder selling kittens at dirt cheap prices. In order to recover from these losses, he decides to get a pet himself and start his own cat boarding

Do you like Funny Cats? Then this is the game for you! - Funny Cat Clicker, Fun Cute and Funny Cat Game. - This game will keep you entertained for a long time. - How to play: Simple, just tap on the screen when the right funny cat appears and avoid other cats when they appear on the screen. When 3 or more cats appear together clones will be created so follow your instinct and try to click as few clones as possible. The greater number of clones appears the greater difficulty this game will give you. If you can’t find any funny cats then do not worry because there are more available in Android Market, Google Play Store than this game has. So check it out and get more funny cats at your

In Funny Cats Clicker, the player is bored of everyday life and wants to have some fun. Activities like going to the park, roller skating and other usual things are just not as interesting as they used to be. In order to get out of this rut and find something new, you decide to adopt a kitty as your pet. Your dream cat comes in the form of three playful Siamese brothers – Chumchee, Fonny and Plummie. They are so funny that once you bring them home from the pet store, they make you laugh non-stop every

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