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Snowmen are attacking your village and you must stop them in time! Use your trusty gun to shoot the snowmen before they reach your house. Upgrade it to become a better marksman and unlock new guns with different firing modes such as homing, spread and more. There are different themes and upgrades available to help you fight off the snowmen easier. Can you save the town before it gets too late? SHOW THEM NO MERCY! - Unleash your wrath by upgrading various parts of your penguin from an old kart to a modern military fighter jet. You can also upgrade penguin’s gun to become a tactical sniper guns for long range shots or a rapid-fire shotgun for close combat

Penguin Vs Snowmen is action game with great graphics and amazing gameplay. In this game you have to help your penguin friend fight against snowmen. The snowmen have invaded the land and made it their home. Your task is to protect your homelands from these evil beings. Use different weapons and upgrade them to defeat the enemies in each level of the game. Keep your fingers crossed as you play this shooting game because if you miss then there’s no going back! Check out other FREE games from our blog:

Penguin is the latest game from the creators of Angry Birds. You'll use your fingers to shoot and destroy snowmen in the most adorable way possible. Upgrade your penguin with various weapons to complete new missions. Non-stop fun for all ages! In this action packed shooter you will play as a cute little penguin who has to fight against an army of evil snowmen. Shoot everything that moves, enemies, towers, buildings, cars and even

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Using Mouse

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