Run Into Death

Run Into Death is a fast paced action game featuring some of the most epic enemies ever seen in an endless runner. This amazing game brings you endless...


How To Play Run Into Death

Using Mouse

About: Run Into Death

Run Into Death is a fast paced action game featuring some of the most epic enemies ever seen in an endless runner. This amazing game brings you endless running fun with over 60 levels across 5 different locations filled with deadly traps, obstacles and enemies. With simple yet addictive gameplay, amazing graphics, unique characters and more challenging levels than any other running game out is sure to be one of your favorite games of

Are you ready to smash some skulls? Battle against the undead, in a chilling first-person shooter. Dodge the zombies and shoot them before they get to you! Keep on running and don’t stop till your outrun their wrath! If you can manage it. It’s not easy being a zombie, especially if you can’t seem to make your limbs move right or if your brain just isn’t working right anymore. There are of course other side effects as well; one being that even if your brains aren’t working right, there is still a chance that they might still be able to think. So when zombie instinct kicks in that might mean that all those things go back into place and those sluggish muscles start springing to action once more. It might not be pretty but for some people it still works better than

One day you were running and playing with your friends. You didn't expect that one moment you'd be hit by a car and suffer serious injuries. You were declared dead. Your family was notified and it was decided that the best thing for the remaining members of your family would be to liquidate your assets. Your family trust is set up in your name, but all of these are now under the control of the trustees. All of your family's belongings, cars, houses, investments etc have been sold off and put into trusts for the benefit of the beneficiaries in this will. The only thing left is you - a worthless corpse that can no longer do anything for

You are a Runner and your task is to Stop The Zombies from coming. They are always chasing you, so you need to run as fast as possible to escape from them. Zombies are coming from all directions, so do not stop running or else they will catch up with you sooner than later! You might have seen some of these Zombs in our previous runner games like This game and Run Into Danger; but what if we were to combine the 2 together to form This game 3? Sounds interesting enough doesn’t it? So let us get started with it by helping our runner character run into the different obstacles and zombies that come his way. As simple as

Run Into Death is a super fast paced survival shooter. You play as a survivor in a city overrun by zombies. You must find other survivors, build defenses, and fight for your life against the oncoming horde. FEATURES: - Endless gameplay with randomized levels - 5 weapons with upgradable stats and perks - 7 unique enemy types with varying attack patterns - 3 characters each with their own skills and play style - Defense game mechanic where you fight back against the onending horde of undead enemies - Tutorial to help you get started and understand the game

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