Squid Game Sniper Shooter

Squid Game is a game reminiscence of the old time when android war games were popular. You can play this game with your friends on Android Phone or Tablet....


How To Play Squid Game Sniper Shooter

Using Mouse

About: Squid Game Sniper Shooter

Squid Game is a game reminiscence of the old time when android war games were popular. You can play this game with your friends on Android Phone or Tablet. Playing this game you will feel that you are in an original war zone by playing this android game. Great graphics and sound effects will take you to another place. Good luck and have fun ! This is a simple and addictive shoot’em up game where your main goal is to kill all the Squid bullets, avoid their attack, collect bullets and return fire to destroy them before they destroy you. Are you ready for some Squid-blasting? In Squid Game, the player takes control of a squid that has just been activated. Their task is to go through a series of glowing portals located in different areas on an unknown planet until they reach the end portal, where they will be able to leave for good. The squid can only move left or right using the arrows at the bottom of the screen; its cylindrical body creates an obstacle if it tries to turn in any other direction. To kill enemies, the player has access to a variety of weapons from laser guns, balls filled with explosive chemicals or even more specialized weapons like mines or guided missiles that allow them to strategically target enemy bullets without having them fly into their own sensors. Squid Game also includes three different types of stages for players to explore: Arcade Levels - In these levels there are no portals and as such it’s not

Squid Game is a 3D battle game for android, which is based on the famous Battle Games. In this battle game you will play an army sniper and shoot your enemy soldiers so that they don’t come back to attack you again. As a sniper of your army, you have to be very careful while playing as anyone can be an enemy. If spotted, you have to run as fast as possible in order to not get caught again. As a soldier of your army, you have to choose the best weapons and equip yourself with them because there are many enemies who might target you when alone. You do not have time to waste here; use it

And the Squid is back! The deadly action squid is back. This time, he is out to catch an even more dangerous prey. You’ll have to play his game and use all your skills to survive. Let's take on this action shooter challenge again! Play as a vicious squid, who sniffs out his enemies and traps them in his ink. You'll need nerves of steel, stealth and cunning to stay alive. You must trap or kill your enemies with your weapons. Use your wits and sense of observation while playing this sniper shooting game and escape from the deadly tentacles of the squids or you may end up being caught

You have just played the new epic Battle Game of the century! As a Squid in this Battle you aim to take out as many enemies as possible with your Sniper Rifles and Shotguns. Use your wits and reflexes to get through each level alive. Build up an army and lead them to victory! There are 3 Squiddy games available now, with more on the way! Get ready for real-time strategy action with the first game in the series: # Squid Game - Real-Time Strategy Battle

This game is action shooting game. The goal is to hit the target as possible as you can. You will get more score by aim properly. In this game you can use sniper weapons like gun, revolver, shotgun, rifle and etc. There are many types of targets like man, woman, kid, dog and etc. So have a try on this best shooting game for android devices that will give you a great time. Good

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