Stickman vs Zombies

Stickman vs Zombies is a great 2 player io game for android. In this io game, You are the Stickman and your friend is the Zombie. You have to help your...


How To Play Stickman vs Zombies

Using Mouse

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Stickman vs Zombies is a great 2 player io game for android. In this io game, You are the Stickman and your friend is the Zombie. You have to help your friend by shooting him and killing him. After that he will come alive as the zombie and try to kill you. The stickman vs zombies is an action packed io game where you have to use your stealth skills and shoot your friend from his back so that he doesn’t turn around and kill you. The stickman vs zombies has lots of levels where you have to be quick and take as many shots as possible on your friend before he turns around and kills you. This shooter io game contains many types of guns, explosives, traps and other items which can help you in defeating your enemy. The first person shooter action in this io game is very thrilling as well as difficult at times because it requires great concentration and sharp reflexes. You also have to be careful about your surroundings because if a zombie gets close enough they will happily leap out of hiding, ready to feast on human flesh! So sharpen those reflexes, arm those guns and let the stickman vs zombies begin! Check out some gameplay

The world is terrified by a zombie apocalypse. To survive, humans have built a safe city called The Sanctuary. You are one of the survivors who has been trained in martial arts and armed with guns for fighting zombies. You must protect The Sanctuary from zombies. Play this addicting stickman shooting io game and kill the zombies by throwing weapons and traps. Control the stickman and defeat the attacking zombies before they reach your base camp or home. Collect coins on your way to unlock new weapons or upgrade your current one. Upgrade your stickman and get stronger as you progress through levels. Are you up to the challenge? Play Stickman Vs Zombies

Stickman Vs Zombies is another Stickman Game. In this game, the stickman has to fight off zombies who have invaded your house. The stickman must be careful because other than zombies there might also be other stickmen hiding in the house too. If you are playing this then good luck! How to play? - Move the Stickman with arrows and object. - Shoot objects and zombies with your gun. - Collect gold coins and coins to unlock new items and characters. - Upgrade your Stickman's health, strength and shooting ability by collecting coins or unlocking new upgrades from the shop. - Save the girl from the zombie by killing all other stickmen in your way. Good

Stickman vs Zombies is a game where you will control Stickman to shoot zombies. In this io games, you will be playing as your stick hero and shooting the zombies who are coming in your way. If you think that the game is easy, it’s not. Try playing this io games with some Android users and they will prove it to you. Do you think you have what it takes to survive? Start the game right now and see if Stickman can survive against all these

Stickman Vs Zombies is a shooting survival game. You will control a stickman and you need to defend yourself from zombies. To defeat the zombies, you need to shoot them with your gun. The more you kill, the more points you get. The game has 20 exciting levels for you to enjoy. Have

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