Subway Clash 2

Play Subway Clash 2 These are difficult situations. A strict organization known as "Witnesses of the Illyich" works on the region of the old stop in Moscow city. Driven by the notoriuos fan Bonch-Bruyevich, they will likely complete radiation assault on Moscow and defeat the sacred request. As the GRU Uncommon


About: Subway Clash 2

Subway Clash 2 - Take command of the special forces and recapture the base. It is your responsibility to take part in this competition. Take aim and kill any foes you come across.

This is a shooting game that requires an excellent strategy from the player. You will transform into a member of a special force to regain control of the base. Your team will divide into areas to find and destroy enemies.

Diverse weapon collection of Subway Clash 2.

Your equipment will include a soldier suit with armor and a gun. You will be masked so that the enemy does not discover your identity. This is a very large area with not many hidden corners to hide in, so look around carefully. Enemies are many and they bring danger to you. If you hit it, you will be awarded points. At that location, there will be energy bags. You can get them to strengthen yourself.

The game allows you to observe in the third person and beautiful graphics. You can move and aim easily with the buttons on the keyboard. After each completed mission, your character will be upgraded with weapons. It makes it easier for you to win

How To Play Subway Clash 2

Use the navigation keys to move your character. Immediately left click when encountering an enemy to destroy them.

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