Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46 is a first-person action game about sneaking, stabbing, and shooting your way through an office building filled with evil employees....


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Key Features Touch controls for mobile. Drag left stick Move Drag right stick Aim Tap up button Jump Tap blue button Fire Shift/C Activate Slo-Mo Time Enter/E Enter or exit vehicle Esc/P Pause M Mute audio toggle Instruction Keyboard Control: Action:WASD/Arrows Move Mouse Aim Space/J Jump or ascend or drift LMB/Z Fire RMB/X Grenade or descend MouseWheel/Q/E Change weapon A Jump / ascend / drift Right Trigger/Shoulder/X Fire Left Trigger/Shoulder/B Grenade or descend Left/Right Change weapon Left Shift Button Activate Slo-Mo Time Y Enter/Exit

About: Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46 is a first-person action game about sneaking, stabbing, and shooting your way through an office building filled with evil employees. Are you ready to be hired as a Super

This one is an action thriller game set in the year 2021 where a pandemic has caused the world to fall apart. Governments and corporations have collapsed, leaving only fragmented areas of control. The pandemic was discovered to be caused by biological warfare experiments conducted by corrupt government agencies and pharmaceutical companies. In order to deal with the crisis, various spy agencies banded together and formed SpyNet, an international spy organization that operates above all national laws. This one is a third-person stealth game that focuses on infiltration and espionage instead of shootouts or hand-to-hand combat. You play as Agent 46, an elite spy who must complete dangerous missions around the world while keeping his identity secret from everyone he meets. Missions take place in locations such as corporate offices, abandoned factories, underground bunkers, old hotels, greenhouses, posh restaurants and many others. Each mission has different objectives that require creative thinking to achieve successfully. For example: finding hidden clues or documents; cracking codes; stealing restricted keys; taking photos of private rooms; eavesdropping conversations; kidnapping someone for interrogation; avoiding cameras; sneaking past guards undetected In each mission you have several tools at your disposal: surveillance cameras; listening devices; lockpicks (to open locked doors); flashlights (dark places); rope ladders (for high places); fire extinguishers (for dealing with fires); smoke bombs (for distraction); gas masks (against toxic fumes); cell phones that

This amazing game is a first-person action sniper game with elements of survival, thriller, and hitman. In this game you will take the role of an agent codenamed Agent 46 who is assigned to eliminate dangerous criminals that are locked up in prison. But as it often happens in real life, there’s something not right about this place. These criminals are locked away for a reason. They’re dangerous indeed. Something dark lurks beneath these walls… You have no choice but to keep your guard up and put your spying skills to good use if you want to survive the horrors lurking in the darkness of the

Super Spy Agent 46 is a fast-paced stealth action game. You play as Agent 46, a spy assassin armed with an arsenal of gadgets and special abilities. Your mission is to infiltrate enemy locations, eliminate target threats, and neutralize anything that stands in your way. Armed with a trusty sniper rifle and an array of spy gadgets, you must eliminate the target by any means necessary. But be warned – The locations are heavily guarded, packed with surveillance cameras and enemies who seem to have read the book on how to spot

This one is a third-person action and stealth game set in 2021. As a secret agent, your mission is to infiltrate the organization known as The Agency and destroy it from the inside. You need to use different strategies to complete your objectives, whether it’s sneaking past enemies or killing

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