Sure Shot

Play Sure Shot Allowed to play FPS online shooter. - Two climatic areas - Live and dynamic ongoing interaction - Five game modes - Four kind of


How To Play Sure Shot

Use the left mouse button to shoot and the navigation buttons to move.

About: Sure Shot

Sure Shot - Calmly observe your surroundings, the enemy is right next to you. Move skillfully and aim accurately. If you want to show off your precise shooting skills, don't ignore this game.

Features of Sure Shot.

The game leaves a strong impression on players with its outstanding features. First of all, the graphics are beautiful and attractive. The terrains created in the game give players a feeling of authenticity that few shooting games have.

Each scene has a different environmental nuance. Especially the diverse weather system is also a highlight of the game. You can experience rain or blizzard at any time. The sudden change of the match situation will make players more excited and increase the difficulty of the game. To make the game more attractive, the producer created slow motion for important shots. At the time the bullet is fired, the player will clearly see the movement of the bullet.

When playing Sure Shot you will be surprised with a diverse arsenal of weapons. If you're good at handguns, we've got plenty of options available. If you are skilled in aiming then sniper rifles will suit you. Not only a variety of weapons but this game is also designed with a variety of movements for players.

After each time you pass a level, you will be rewarded with more money. That money will be used to buy some necessary items such as energy drinks, ammo, guns... An expensive gun is not necessarily better than a cheap gun. Because the cheap gun is bought by you to upgrade, its power will be increased more than the expensive gun.

A big map is waiting for you ahead. You can fight in the hot desert, in the cold snow, or on an uninhabited island. You need to adapt to the environment and choose the right weapon. Everywhere there will be many opponents. They are hiding everywhere waiting for you to find them. They are very good at hiding, so they can hurt you from behind.

The mission in each map is different, so you need to have a suitable strategy. That's when you play alone. We also have a multiplayer mode. You can confront them or become teammates. Let's share positions with each other and help each other during the game. You can compete with hundreds of gunmen in the world. With your skills, you have the confidence to become the last survivor.

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