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Loading your backpack with the ultimate weapons, you'll step into the shoes of a seasoned pro shooter, tasked with conquering a city fraught with challenges. This mission action simulator game throws you into the heart of the action, armed with an arsenal that includes energy rifles, explosive grenades, modern snipers, machine guns, and more. Face off against a variety of foes, from bad boys to zombies, in heart-pounding battles that demand precision and strategy.

How to Play

TPS Gun War Shooting Games 3D is designed for players ready to test their shooting skills in dynamic environments. Take control of your pro shooter, navigate through challenging missions, and utilize an array of deadly weapons at your disposal. From energy rifles for precision strikes to explosive grenades for crowd control, adapt your strategy based on the mission objectives. Engage in intense battles, strategically using cover, and deploy your arsenal to eliminate enemies effectively. As you accomplish missions, unlock new weapons and gear, enhancing your capabilities for even more thrilling gameplay.


In the world of TPS Gun War Shooting Games 3D, the city is your battleground, and you are the ultimate pro shooter. With a diverse range of missions, enemies, and a formidable arsenal at your fingertips, the game ensures a non-stop adrenaline rush. Whether you're taking down bad boys, fending off zombies, or facing other challenging adversaries, your skills and weaponry will be put to the test. Load up, lock, and load, and dominate the battlefront to establish your supremacy in this high-stakes 3D shooting experience. Can you rise to the occasion and become the ultimate pro shooter? It's time to find out.

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