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War is serious business. No kid will ever understand that aspect, let alone take part. But that does not mean we have to stop playing war games just because it is impossible to have a pretend battle for real ones. In the case of War Area 2, you will get to play a virtual war game with an impressive graphics and diverse gameplay that any kid would love. War Area 2 is an HTML5 strategy game of military units and tactics designed to help teens learn how to survive in a battlefield environment by engaging their mental capabilities as well as physical skills. The objective of this war game is simple: you must succeed in keeping your formation together while simultaneously defeating all the enemies that attack you from all sides with their army and vehicles. That means there are no shortcuts and no cheats allowed on your quest for

Shoot Battle Game is a fun shooting game for Android. In this game, you need to shoot the enemies before they attack you in the battlefield. There are two military groups who have different objectives and strategies, so it’s a great challenge for both sides. You need to be prepared for everything in order to win the war. Your mission is to control the army and defeat your enemies. Use different weapons and control your soldiers properly in order to complete each level safely. The more missions you pass and the more experience you get, the faster your character will become and the harder will be each new level that appears in Shoot Battle

In the second part of the Epic Series, you'll join the main character from the first installment as he runs from a relentless foe in this sprawling third-person shooter. In Warfare Area 2 : Operation Koltso, you'll assume control of one of many Special Forces soldiers who must work together to unravel a hidden Nazi super weapon. It's up to you to outsmart, outmaneuver and ultimately destroy your enemy. In Warfare Area 2 : Operation Koltso, you’ll assume control of one of many soldiers who must work together to unravel a hidden Nazi super weapon. It’s up to you to outsmart, outmaneuver and ultimately destroy your

War is a part of life and children must learn the ways of war at an early age. This will not only help them survive in the outside world, but also help them mature by making them aware of their surroundings and how to handle tough situations. The best way for kids to learn about warfare is through games and simulations. There are many great games out there that teach kids the ins-and-outs of warfare. Here are 7 excellent war games for

In Warfare Area 2, you are an army soldier trapped in a hostile world. Your mission is to eliminate all the enemies and reach home safely. You have a machinegun, so blast them with your strategy! To prevail and come home victorious, you'll need to use various tactics, think fast and be strategic. Have

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Computer: Arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move the character. Mouse to turn the character, aim and shoot. L to lock pointer. R to reload. P - pause. Mobile: Use on-screen joystick to move, fire button to shoot, tap and drag on right side of the scr

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