The human race is on the verge of being wiped out by a zombie apocalypse. You are one of the lucky few who has been prepared and are trying to survive...


How To Play WorldZ

Game controls WASD or arrow keys to move Ctrl or left click to shoot R to reload Shift to run E to open craft menu Esc to open menu

About: WorldZ

The human race is on the verge of being wiped out by a zombie apocalypse. You are one of the lucky few who has been prepared and are trying to survive the outbreak. In this game, you will assume the role of a survivor and build a shelter to protect you and your loved ones. However, instead of gathering supplies, you will be gathering materials to build a bow and arrows, a gun, and other useful items to fight the zombies and survive. You will have to work against the clock and explore the world to gather resources and craft your

In this post-apocalyptic world, you must fight to stay alive. Use all your skills to build a shelter, craft tools and weapons, grow and harvest plants, hunt and trap wild animals, and collect other resources to build a sustainable life for yourself in this harsh environment. World PREMIUM is a premium version of the widely popular Survival Crafts Mod. It is a 3D online multiplayer game where players explore, build, and cooperate to outlast the zombie hordes. You can play it on any smart device, PC, or Mac. It is a great way to spend your time when you have nothing to do. You can also play our other games like Towncraft, Materialz, and Worldz. All of our games are free to play but they also have optional in-game purchases that cost real money. You can choose to buy these purchases or not, it’s entirely up to you. The game is updated frequently, so make sure to check back often to see what’s

The world has changed. The dead are raised, governments have collapsed, and order has broken down into a series of small towns, cities, and nations. Now, you must navigate these areas in search of food, water, medical supplies, and other essentials. But beware the living survivors—many of whom now carry firearms—and the violent and unstable hordes of the dead. This is a world where the dead have risen and destroyed most of the world’s population. Governments have collapsed, leaving the regular people to their own devices. There are small towns, cities, and even small nations filled with survivors. Now, you must navigate these areas to scavenge for food, water, medical supplies, and other essentials. Beware the living survivors, as many of them have also been armed with various types of firearms. There are also hordes of the undead that can smell your blood from miles away, and they will not hesitate to attack. You will have to fight for your life with whatever is at your disposal, from your bare hands to your construction site. If you are prepared, you can survive and maybe even thrive in this new world. Build yourself a secure base by fortifying your home, stockpiling food and ammunition, and crafting tools and weapons. Make friends with other survivors, and form a group to explore and scavenge the world, or build up your resources and attempt to establish a functioning society in your fortified community. There may come a time when you have

It’s the year 2057… After a massive global earthquake, 80% of the population has died and humanity is left to pick up the pieces. With most of the world’s major cites now under the ocean, the countries have now been redrawn to take into account the new geography. Nations now have an additional level called ‘Worldz’, which serves as a continent for that nation. With new cultures, new foods, new jobs, and new opportunities, it’s now up to you to carve out a new life for yourself in this drastically changed

There are zombies on Planet Earth. And you’re the only one who can stop them. You’ll need to craft guns, ammo, and gear to fend off the undead. You’ll need to find resources to stay alive. But most of all, you’ll need to work together if you hope to

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