Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads Online

Do you like driving cars? Do you also like zombies? If yes, then this game is for you! Blocky Road is a 3D racing game with a twist. Instead of stationary...


How To Play Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads Online

Using Mouse

About: Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads Online

Do you like driving cars? Do you also like zombies? If yes, then this game is for you! Blocky Road is a 3D racing game with a twist. Instead of stationary cars, the road you’re driving on here are blocky and full of zombie-like creatures. You must avoid these blockies while driving at high speeds to get as far as possible. In this free online HTML5 game, there are different tracks where you can compete with other racers to see who has the best time. You have to reach checkpoints before they disappear in order to advance and beat your previous time. To do that, you must use nitro boosts that are located along the track so use them wisely! To move forward in this race, use WASD keys or arrow keys on keyboard in order to accelerate. Left-click or tap on left side of screen or space bar inorder to brake and use reverse gear when needed by pressing R key on keyboard. Have

Zombie Derby is a cool zombie game. In this game you will be playing as the driver of a car and your mission is to kill all zombies that block your way. You have to drive your car carefully so that the zombies don’t hit you and you also have to be quick in reacting so that no zombie manages to catch up with you. The roads are blocked by many zombies, so hurry up and finish them off! Use arrows keys to drive and accelerate. Press space key to shoot or release it again for second shot. With every kill, you get money which can be used for upgrading your car’s engine, buying new weapons, armor etc. Get ready for the fierce battle against Zombies! See how far the Zombie Driver can go in his brave endeavors to save his beloved city from being taken over by the undead creatures! So what are you waiting for? Join now and become a Zombie Derby

You have crashed your van in the middle of a deserted road. There is nothing around and you are on your own. You see a zombie approaching from behind. He looks hungry and you can sense his presence from far away. Your only chance to survive this is hiding from him in one of the nearby houses, which are too far for you to run, but not too far for you to walk. What would you do? The city is full of abandoned houses, so there must be a house that's close enough for you to hide inside it before the zombie reaches your location. This game will test your problem solving skills as well as your patience waiting for the perfect moment to strike back. This game has multiple endings and difficulty settings allowing you to replay this online HTML5 zombie shooting game with new strategies every time! Are you ready? Let’s begin Playing Zombie

Today we are going to show you how to create a blocky version of your road for the Zombie Derby game. This tutorial is focused on creating a algorithm that can draw blocks from any image. The idea is to make our roads more realistic looking by making them look like they were made out of stone or concrete. What you need are some simple tools like paint and a photo editing software, so let’s get

It's time to start your Zombie Derby! Control your zombie drivers and avoid the other zombies on the

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