Zombie Dungeon Challenge

Zombie Dungeon Challenge is a survival multiplayer FPS game. Imagine being trapped in a dungeon full of zombies, there’s no way out except by shooting...


How To Play Zombie Dungeon Challenge

Using Mouse

About: Zombie Dungeon Challenge

Zombie Dungeon Challenge is a survival multiplayer FPS game. Imagine being trapped in a dungeon full of zombies, there’s no way out except by shooting your way through the horde of undead. But be careful, some of them are smarter than others and can use objects in the dungeon as cover to ambush you. Use your wits and your gun power to survive! Survive against endless waves of Zombies in this single-player FPS inspired by arcade games. Each wave gets progressively harder with new abilities for zombies and traps to destroy you. There are 2 game modes: Story mode and Survival mode. In Story mode you play as a lone survivor trapped in a dungeon full of zombies; Survive against endless waves of enemies to escape from the Evil Wizard’s Castle! In Survival mode, you start off with nothing but your bare hands as well as limited ammunition; Defend yourself from hordes of increasingly difficult enemies until you acquire better items or run out of ammo. Adapt your strategy according to the level difficulty which will change dynamically throughout the gameplay session. Tap on walls, floors and other solid surfaces to discover hidden passageways that helps you advance faster through each floor level. Check every corner for useful items like weapons, bandages or first aid kits, so that you can stay longer on each level without running out of supplies again. If you finish all 5 levels then there is also an additional bonus level waiting for you at the end! Keep playing to unlock more awesome features and

The zombie apocalypse has finally come and you have been left behind. Now is not the time to panic, but rather think of your best course of action. Do you try and fight the zombies off individually? Or do you team up with friends and try to establish a safe haven in your house? Most people would choose the latter, and this is where zombies come into play. After all, if there’s one thing they know how to do it’s how to wreak havoc. That’s where this Zombie Dungeon Challenge mini game comes into play. The premise is simple enough: you are locked inside a dungeon with a bunch of zombies that are trying to get in so that they can eat your brains raw. Are you ready for some challenge? I am sure that by now, you must be eager for your first taste of action. Well, look no further because the only way out is up! You will encounter various challenges as you progress from level to level and eventually escape from that hellhole alive! Each level brings new obstacles, enemies, allies, traps and tricks that could help or hinder in getting out

In Zombie Dungeon Challenge you have to survive in a dungeon full of zombies. You are locked inside the dungeon and your main objective is to stay alive for as long as possible. You need to collect as much items and resources from the different half-destroyed rooms of this dungeon, so that you can build a base and weapons for yourself in order to face the hordes of zombies again. The longer you survive, the higher your score will be. Have

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