Cargo Truck: Transport & Hunt

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About Cargo Truck: Transport & Hunt

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Cargo Truck: Transport & Hunt, a unique simulation game that seamlessly blends the excitement of driving with the challenge of hunting. In this game, the zoo animals have escaped, and you are tasked with the mission to catch them! Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you drive your truck across the city and use your sniper gun to hunt down a variety of animals, from leopards to elephants. The clock is ticking, and these animals are fast and furious. Can you bring them back to the zoo safely and quickly?

How to Play

Playing Cargo Truck: Transport & Hunt requires a combination of driving skills and sharpshooting. Take control of your truck, maneuver through the city, and locate the escaped zoo animals. Use your sniper gun to hunt them down, but beware of their speed and agility. The challenge lies in bringing the captured animals back to the zoo safely and within the allotted time. Strategize your moves, aim with precision, and complete the mission to become the ultimate transporter and hunter in this wild simulation game.


Cargo Truck: Transport & Hunt offers a unique and action-packed gaming experience, combining the thrill of driving with the intensity of a hunting expedition. The game's dynamic concept, where players must transport and hunt down escaped zoo animals, adds an exciting layer to the simulation genre. If you're ready for a wild ride and possess the skills to be both a skilled driver and a sharpshooter, dive into the challenge and prove yourself as the ultimate transporter and hunter.

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