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About Drag Race 3D

Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush in Drag Race 3D, where the essence of drag racing is distilled into an exhilarating experience. This game strips away the complexities, leaving you with just two cars, two drivers, and a straight road. Immerse yourself in the world of unadulterated speed and competition as you engage in thrilling and realistic races. With fierce opponents, upgrades, and shiny new rides, Drag Race 3D is the ultimate test of speed and skill.

How to Play

In Drag Race 3D, the gameplay is all about the pure essence of drag racing. Begin by selecting your preferred car from the available options, each with its unique attributes. Engage in thrilling races against fierce opponents on a straight road, relying on your skill in timing and shifting gears to gain a competitive edge. Master the art of the perfect start and strategically shift gears to control your speed. After each race, utilize your winnings to either upgrade and fine-tune your current car for enhanced performance or save up for the hottest rides in the market. Progress through the game by challenging and defeating bosses, ultimately aiming to earn a shiny, new car and establish yourself as the drag racing champion. Drag Race 3D offers an immersive and straightforward drag racing experience where speed, timing, and strategic decisions determine your success on the road.


Drag Race 3D delivers the unfiltered thrill of drag racing, offering players a straightforward yet intense experience. Race against fierce opponents, upgrade your car and aim to conquer challenging bosses as you strive for victory. With the promise of shiny, new rides and the roar of powerful engines, Drag Race 3D is the ultimate drag racing challenge. Can you handle the speed, master the timing, and emerge as the drag racing champion? It's time to hit the straight road and find out!

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