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About Grimelda Fun House

Embark on a whacky adventure with Grimelda, the lovable giant zombie, in Grimelda Fun House, a thrilling 3D platforming game. Explore a fun house filled with surprises and challenges, collect shakes to fuel your journey, and upgrade your skills to conquer every obstacle in your path.

A World of Whimsical Chaos

Grimpy Fun House is a world of delightful chaos, where you'll navigate through winding corridors, encounter eccentric characters, and overcome a variety of obstacles. With its vibrant colors and quirky design, the fun house is a visual feast that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Collect Shakes, Conquer Challenges

Along your journey, you'll encounter delicious shakes scattered throughout the funhouse. Collect these shakes to fuel your adventure and unlock new areas. But beware! The fun house is also filled with mischievous obstacles that will test your reflexes and agility. Dodge swinging pendulums, leap over bottomless pits and avoid pesky critters to reach your goal.

Upgrade Your Skills, Unlock New Skins

With each challenge you overcome, you'll earn points that can be used to upgrade Grimelda's skills. Make her run faster, jump higher, and collect shakes with greater ease. Additionally, collect rare collectible cards to unlock new skins for Grimelda, giving her a fresh look for your adventures.

Daily Rewards, Endless Fun

Every day brings new surprises and rewards in Grimelda Fun House. Check back daily to discover exciting rewards, including new challenges, special skins, and even a chance to win big in the daily raffle.

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