Lighthouse Havoc

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About Lighthouse Havoc

A Fight for Survival in the Darkness


In a world overtaken by a relentless demon apocalypse, the once-beacon of hope for a group of survivors has become a nightmarish prison. The isolated lighthouse on a remote island now stands as their last bastion, besieged by hordes of unrelenting demons. Trapped within its walls, the survivors find themselves in a desperate struggle for survival. One fateful night, the demonic forces, drawn to the lighthouse's light, launch a relentless attack, capturing your friends and pushing you to the brink. Welcome to "Lighthouse Havoc," a game of courage, strategy, and survival. Your mission is to navigate this treacherous, demon-infested island, rescue your captured friends, and lead them back to safety. Can you become the guiding light in their darkest hour?

How to Play

"Lighthouse Havoc" is a thrilling and intense game that will test your survival skills and resourcefulness. To succeed in your mission, follow these guidelines:

Stealth and Strategy: As you venture into the island's darkness, avoid direct confrontations with demons. Utilize stealth and cunning to sneak past them. Keep an eye on their movements and patterns.

Rescue Your Friends: Your primary objective is to locate your captured friends. Be cautious and silent as you approach the areas where they are held. Execute a successful rescue to guide them to safety.

Light Management: You carry a limited supply of light, crucial for your journey through the dark island. Use it wisely. Lighting your path can help you avoid obstacles and demons but do so judiciously to conserve your resources.

Resource Gathering: As you explore, search for valuable resources such as weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies. These items will be invaluable in your fight for survival.

Survival and Strategy: Each decision you make will impact your survival. Choose when to engage demons and when to evade them. Evaluate your resources and determine the best strategy for each situation.


"Lighthouse Havoc" plunges you into a heart-pounding battle against the darkness and the relentless demons. Your courage, strategic thinking, and survival instincts will be pushed to their limits as you strive to rescue your captured friends and lead them to safety. The treacherous island, haunted by demonic forces, awaits your determination and resilience. Will you become the guiding light that pierces the darkness and ushers your friends back to safety? The fate of the survivors and the lighthouse now rests in your hands.

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