Tank Destroyer

Tank destroyer is a fast-paced arcade tank game with physics based gameplay. It’s a casual game that will give you a finger-licking experience. The objective...


How To Play Tank Destroyer

Using Mouse

About: Tank Destroyer

Tank destroyer is a fast-paced arcade tank game with physics based gameplay. It’s a casual game that will give you a finger-licking experience. The objective of the game is to destroy all enemy tanks and bunkers. The tank destroyer has advanced cannon and turret system which can be used to its full potential for destruction. Player starts with very basic cannon, which is upgraded as he progresses through the levels. You must destroy every bunker and enemy tank that comes in your way to achieve the final objective and win the level. Gameplay – Tank destroyer is an action packed arcade game that requires good reflexes, fast reactions, and speed. Player needs to move swiftly from one spot to another by jumping over trenches, walls, trees etc. Enemy tanks also come in different types of shapes and sizes which increases the difficulty level even further. There are 3 chapters in this game; each chapter has 10 unique levels with increasing difficulty level as player progresses through them. You will have to use all your skills, strategy and tactics to clear each chapter successfully in order to win the final battle at the end of each

The TD is a unique class of combat vehicle, combining the protection and firepower of a main battle tank with the speed and manoeuverability of a light tank. The armoured hull offers superior protection against small arms fire and shell splinters, while the powerful diesel engine provides good off-road mobility. The most common versions of the TD are based on Soviet designs: the A-20, M-30 and T-49. However they have been widely replaced by more modern models in frontline service. Nevertheless they are still widely used in secondary roles, as well as in training establishments around the world. The game is controlled from an overhead point of view by using your mouse to aim and shoot at targets. You can use different weapons such as cannons, machine guns or missile launchers for offence or defence against enemies attacking you. This game also has many types of enemy vehicles you'll encounter during your playthroughs including tanks, armoured cars, anti-tank guns and even other

Game: Bomb Defense is a strategy game in which you have to protect the cities from the bomb attacks. The cities are exposed to the constant bombings, and every night a new city gets selected for an attack. The attacker always knows where you have placed your defusers, so it’s extremely important not to let them know where they will strike next. Don’t worry—you are not alone in this mission. You have friends who can help you in the protection of these defusers. Instead of sitting tight and waiting until the bombs fall on you, team up with your friends and work together to protect those defusers that are going to save your societies from becoming another Tragedy

Rate your tank destroyer, blast your enemies and destroy their stronghold in this epic action game. Unlock new weapons and purchase upgrades to survive the enemy onslaught. Battle against hordes of enemy troops on massive battlefields from deserts to mountains, from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the jungles of Burma. Each map is filled with dynamic objectives that will challenge even the most battle hardened

The game takes place in a fictional country called Britain. You play as an elite driver of a TD and your mission is to eliminate all enemy tanks and vehicles. The game features various difficulties ranging from casual to the hardest one which will require you to replay some levels again and again. Read on for more

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