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Commando is a series of third-person shooter video games developed by Active Gaming Media and published by Ubisoft. The series focuses on a secret military...


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Using Mouse

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Commando is a series of third-person shooter video games developed by Active Gaming Media and published by Ubisoft. The series focuses on a secret military unit codenamed the "Commandos", whose primary mission is to find, extract, and rescue hostages. The title was first released in 2000 for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. A sequel followed in 2005 for the same platforms, as well as the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Xbox and mobile phones. In total, there are five main games in the franchise with a sixth spin-off game planned to be released before 2020. The series centers around John "Jack" Price (voiced by Nicholas Cage), a former Special Forces Colonel turned rogue who leads a team of highly trained commandos known as "the Commandos". Price's team specializes in stealth missions that require utmost secrecy in order to gain intelligence about an enemy and accomplish their objectives without being discovered or traced back to their

You are a Commando of Indian Special Forces. You will be sent to various locations across the country to eliminate enemies and terrorists. The missions are selected and carried out through a hierarchical chain process. Your team leader assigns you a task, you carry it out, report back and status is updated. The chain continues till all targets in the list have been neutralized or threats eliminated from the region. Indian Army has its own special forces unit - 11th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment (11 PR) also known as Black Cats, operating since 1922 for counter-terrorism and other dangerous operations. Covert reconnaissance units of Indian Air Force and Indian Navy are also capable of performing these

Are you ready for some real action? Join the elite force of Indian Army's most renowned special forces unit, the Para commandos. The Para commandos train hard and play even harder. Armed with rifles, knives, explosives and any other weapon that can help take out your enemies in the battlefield, these commandos are truly an army of warriors. There is no end to their skill and courage. Para commandados train every day under highly skilled instructors who have seen action in various battlefields across the world. Their mission? To become India's best special forces unit. And they will do everything possible to make it a

Commando is an Action game. Commando is a shooting game in which you have to shoot all the enemies that come your way. To play this game, you will require an Android or iOS device with support for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. This game has been developed by Molotov Games, who also created other action games such as Sniper Fury and Arc Zone. You can check out some of their games

Commando is a first-person shooter video game developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Deep Silver in Europe and Nordic Games in North America. The game is set in the near future, where super-soldiers called Commandos have been genetically modified to be able to operate behind enemy lines. The game was released on November 15, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft

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