Frontline Commando Survival

Frontline Commando: Survival is a game developed by D3 Publisher. It is the sequel to Frontline Commando. It was released for the Android devices on February...


How To Play Frontline Commando Survival

Instruction Controls: • WASD or arrow keys to move • Left mouse button to fire • Right mouse button to aim • Space bar to jump • Tab to pause • C to switch between third-person and first-person view • Ctrl to crouch • Left Shift to run • G to throw grenade

About: Frontline Commando Survival

Frontline Commando: Survival is a game developed by D3 Publisher. It is the sequel to Frontline Commando. It was released for the Android devices on February 19, 2016 and later on the iOS devices on April 10, 2016. In this game, you will play as one of the elite commandos of the Indian Army called Arbaaz Mir who has been deployed behind enemy lines to weaken their defenses and drive them from their base before they can launch another attack. As a commander, your main objective is to establish safe camps for your soldiers where they can rest and be at ease without being exposed to unnecessary risks. Your secondary objective is to eliminate any enemy threats that may endanger your army's position or cause harm to innocent civilians in order to lure them into traps or lure their defenders away from their

A military-themed first-person shooter, Frontline Commando is a survival game developed by Vivid Games. You play as an operator fighting against the enemy in various locations such as jungle, desert and snow. Use your weapons wisely and keep track of your stamina to stay alive. The enemy has invaded your base and have breached into the security system that you have installed for their protection. They are after the data that is stored there and if they get their hands on it then it will be a security breach worse than anything they’ve ever seen before. Your job is to keep them out at all costs while still protecting whatever data they may have inside. In this article, we will discuss the gameplay, different weapon types, tips and tricks you need to know before you start playing this

Commando, or Battle Command is the third game to be released in the Frontline Commando series by Gameloft. In this game you play as a commando called Jack and your mission is to survive in a hostile environment. You must complete a series of different tasks like finding weapons, building traps for enemies, and meeting up with other commandos. The game has several unique features that makes it stand out from other games on the Play Store. Let’s take a look at some of these

Commando Shooting games are the most thrilling type of shooting games. There are different kinds of shooting games such as first-person shooter games, third-person shooter games, and squad-based shooting games. In this article we will tell you about the best Commando Shooting Games available for Android phones. Commando is a unique and exciting type of action game because it involves using weapons in order to defeat enemies and complete

In a remote area of the Amazon rainforest, there is a secret research facility known as “Area 51”. It houses the world’s most advanced weapons and security systems. All this is locked away from the outside world to protect against spies, criminals and terrorists. However, no one can stop an elite team of soldiers when they need to get through Area

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