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Monster Shooter, where you will be a gunman, armed with a rifle and a bullet. Shoot down the evil monsters that threaten peace on Earth. In this game your duty is to fight off alien invaders by shooting them with your powerful rifle. There are several missions in this free shooter game for Android. As you progress through these missions, they get tougher until they become impossible. But don’t worry because each time you fail a mission it unlocks again so you can keep playing. You can also check out two other great Android games we have here called This one 2 and World War Zombie from the same developers. This one has many different kinds of deadly monsters for you to take down in single or multiplayer mode. You’ll be bored of fighting the same type of monster over and over again in other games, but not here! Every monster poses a unique challenge that you must learn how to overcome if you hope to survive until next time. Sometimes running away from danger isn’t the best strategy, and sometimes it is! That’s why we give you the ability to snipe from afar while hiding behind some tree branches or inside an underground bunker to avoid being seen by your enemies among tall grass or rocky cliffs where they might come looking for you if they see or hear movement above ground

What do you do when a group of scientists discover the secret to creating an army of shambling, flesh-hungry zombies? If you're the last person alive, you build a heavily fortified base and wait for them to arrive. It’s only after you realize that the undead are coming for you next too… The world has become an apocalyptic wasteland due to a zombie outbreak. Who knows how many people died or were turned into monsters? The human race is now almost extinct. Only a few brave souls remain, tucked away from society in fortified bases called « ZOM towns ». You must stay alone to avoid spreading the virus and infecting everyone else. your friend has also been taken by these bloodthirsty ghouls. But what if they’re not just your friend? What if they’re family? Or maybe they’re even your spouse? So what then? Are they worth risking everything just to save them? That is the

Are you ready to shoot some aliens? Join the Aliens and Monsters shooter game and show them who is the boss! A terrible alien invasion has taken place. The aliens have come to conquer our planet. It’s time for us to defend ourselves. As a huge fan of shooting games, it’s your duty as a player to save the world from these evil aliens. Assemble your army, then set out on an epic campaign to cleanse the earth of these invaders. This war will be fought with guns and you must be the one to command them! You can choose between different types of soldier such as archers, snipers or even tankers. Use their special abilities and tactics wisely in order to defeat your adversaries! If you like this game, rate it or share it with your friends on social media so everyone can enjoy it

Are you a fan of the zombie genre? Do you like shooting zombies in the face? If the answer to any of these is yes, then we have some good news for you. You’ve come to the right place because we have an amazing new game for you. It’s called This amazing game and it’s pretty much like the classic game, Zombie Blood. The only difference is that this time around, you get to shoot cute little monsters instead of bloodthirsty zombies. They look just as nasty though so don’t say we didn’t warn you. We know how much you love these kinds of games so don’t worry, we won’t

Monster Shooter is a new fascinating 3D shooter game, the player will play as a special forces unit that was sent to investigate the source of monsters that have been appearing in the city. The player will be equipped with various types of guns and grenades, as well as various super abilities to help him annihilate the monsters. The more monsters he kills, the higher his score, unlocking new weapons and skills to become better! The player must use all his skills to complete each level without getting destroyed by the numerous enemies! Are you ready? Let’s

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