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About Noob vs Pro Challenge

Noob vs Pro Challenge is a video game in which you wake up in the morning and there is a zombie armageddon around and you are a noob? This is a real difficulty! The task will be to conserve the Noob and also the Princess and troll the evil Herobrine with the aid of numerous catches.

You wake up one morning to find that there is a zombie apocalypse going on all around you, and you play the game Newbie vs. Pro Challenge, in which you play the role of a noob. This is going to be really difficult! Why shouldn't they? The objective of this mission is to use a variety of traps to foil the plans of the villainous Herobrine while also rescuing Noob and the Princess. Are you prepared to navigate your way through the labyrinth and descend into the dungeon? Once you have done so, you will need to locate a hidden portal in order to rescue the dragon, after which you will need to travel to a remote island and set up a jailbreak. Are you up for the challenge?

Acquire one-of-a-kind skills as you progress through the tiers of the Noob vs. Pro character. - Entertaining cartoons featuring all of your favorite monster school students and teachers. A treasury filled with pixelated weapons. - Unique bosses. From the nefarious Herobrine to the zombie cleaner to the mummy to the toilet monster, there are many terrifying enemies to face. - If you're a pro, use the workbench to make goods; if you're a noob, create traps.


How to play Noob vs Pro Challenge

Using Mouse

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