Pixel Apocalypse Shooting Zombie blocky combat

The year is 2090. Humanity has colonized the solar system, with an outpost on every planet and moon. But something went wrong. Something alien is stalking...


How To Play Pixel Apocalypse Shooting Zombie blocky combat

Using Mouse

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The year is 2090. Humanity has colonized the solar system, with an outpost on every planet and moon. But something went wrong. Something alien is stalking the human race, appearing as we would expect it to as blocks of color hurtling towards us at high speeds. The Earth is under siege from a terrifying new foe, one that seems unbound by the same laws of physics that limit our actions. Fortunately, we have you! You are one of the last remaining humans on Earth, hand-picked for this final defense mission. Battle through Wave after Wave of variant Blockys to protect your bunker, base and home from being overrun! Raise powerful defenses with access to different turrets and traps placed around your base! Unlock new weapons to defend against the coming threat! Cooperate with your friends to build up your defenses or go head-to\-head against them in epic multiplayer block battles! In space, no one can hear you but they will see you die if you don’t shoot them

Shoot the zombies. All of them. Every last one of them. Kill every single zombie that comes your way! You’re not alone, though, because there are other players who are also willing to fight off the hordes of zombies with you! In this epic multiplayer game, you’ll have to team up with others to survive the intense onslaught of zombies as you fight your way through levels in an effort to reach the end and kill every last one of them! Zombies will be coming after you from all sides and at all times so it is imperative that you stay one step ahead at all times in order to stay alive. The whole idea behind this game is to ensure that as many zombies as possible are killed by players; a strategy known as “breaking the

Shooting zombies has never been so much fun. Play as one of the last humans on earth, taking on the zombie menace with your trusty rifle. Fight against ruthless and cunning zombies using your surroundings as a shield and your wits to stay alive. - Survival: Survive the onslaught of the living dead by crafting weapons, clothing and traps to help defend yourself from the attack. - Action-Packed Gameplay: Test your aim and reflexes in several exciting mini games that require fast thinking and split second aiming skills. - Team Up With Your Friends: Join forces with up to 3 other players for co-op survival missions or team up with a friend for competitive multiplayer

Do you like to play shooting games? When it comes to first person shooters, there are lots of games that people enjoy. It might be something you haven’t played before, or it may be a game you’ve played many times before. The key is to identify your favorite type of shooting game and find other people who share the same one. In this post, we will be discussing top free online block shooting games for PC users. There are many great games available online that you can play for free without paying anything. You can also pay for in-app purchases if you want to upgrade certain features in your game instead of waiting for them to be added for free in a future

Zombie Apocalypse is here! The world has been filled with Zombies for the past 6 months. With no salvation in sight, a small group of survivors decided to hole up inside a small base and defend themselves from the horde outside. You're one of those survivors, or rather a survivor from the group hiding out inside. Your job is to defend the base from ever getting breached by Zombies. There are 3 types of zombies you'll encounter: Fast Walking Zombies, Fast Running Zombies and Blocky Combat Zombies that come in different shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in If you see them coming,

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