Retro Shooter

In the year 2182, a new form of combat has risen: the combat game. The war between humans and robots has spilled over into the realm of video games. Players...


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Controls WASD = move Space = jump Move Mouse = aim Mouse wheel / Q / E = switch weapons Left-click = shoot / use weapon Right-click = throw bombs F3 = quick save F4 = quick load

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In the year 2182, a new form of combat has risen: the combat game. The war between humans and robots has spilled over into the realm of video games. Players today strap into their VR cockpit, grab their joystick, and get ready to fight in this retro-themed shooter. In "VS Retrowars", players will face off against an array of colorful robots in one-on-one battles. And if you’re looking for a challenge, try out "VS Expert". But be careful! If you’re not careful enough, you might become the robot yourself. This game is a mix between a retro shooting game and a modern combat game. You have to shoot your enemies within the time limit. Also, you have to collect as many coins as possible. The player who collects the most coins at the end of the battle

In this game, you play as a robot and you have to go through various levels shooting aliens, collecting coins and upgrades and defeating bosses to complete the level. The game is very simple in terms of controls and gameplay, but the challenge increases as you go up in levels and the difficulty of the game increases as well. The graphics of this game are pretty good, and the game play is pretty simple to understand as well. If you are looking for a retro shooting game, you should play this

Retro shooting games are popular among gamers. It is a time when gaming was at its peak. These games match the nostalgia of old-school games. Many game developers have come up with their take on the retro genre. With so many games being released, it can be a challenge to find a game worth playing. Here we list some of the best retro shooter games available for Android. Check them out to relive those old

The year is 2375. A war between two neighboring countries has lasted for 4 years. The war was fought with robotic weapons known as Gears. This was the first time humans fought against Gears with modern technology. As a result, the war lasted longer than expected and many casualties were sustained. On the verge of losing the war, both countries signed a peace treaty and united as one nation. Few people know that this peace treaty was just a ruse. Both countries are secretly developing new Gears to be used against the other. As the war resumes, a Gear technician, Leonard, is drafted into the military. His mission? To be a test subject for the next generation of

In the year 2045, space travel is widely developed, colonized and controlled by corporations. In those days, humans live together in colonies and space stations. A combat game where you play as a Retro Shooter.. A game where you can manage a team of robots and shoot aliens. a game where you have to progress through different missions and different planets. If you have a keen eye for detail and a love for retro gaming and shooters then RetroShooter is the game for

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