Save The Pilot Airplane HTML5 Shooter Game

This is an action video game in which you have to fire down the adversary planes and also eliminate them to get points. You can make factors by gathering...


How To Play Save The Pilot Airplane HTML5 Shooter Game

Using Mouse

About: Save The Pilot Airplane HTML5 Shooter Game

In Save The Pilot - Airplane HTML5 Shooter Game, you must protect a fighter pilot from a large number of opponents. You must destroy all of this enemy's aircraft, and the advertisement must also defend itself.

This game offers an enjoyable shooting experience. However, you are not the shooter; instead, you must avoid the bullets. Your aircraft is constantly pursued by bullets. They will only cease when your aircraft is destroyed. To prevent this from occurring, you must find a way to detonate these bullets. There are two methods for removing bullets. You can cause the bullets to collide with each other or with the clouds. They will burst spontaneously and be destroyed

This is an action game in which you must fire down the opposing planes and eliminate them to win points. You can gain points by collecting things on the screen. You must also avoid hostile missiles and aircraft or you will be shot down. Gradually, the game's speed will increase and its difficulty will intensify. You can also use your gained points to modify your aircraft and make it stronger. Demonstrate who the best pilot is!

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