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In this challenging shooting game you have to target the bottle with your gun and shoot it. Make sure not to hit any of the other bottles or obstacles otherwise that will end your mission. Have fun! ENDLESS MODE: The game offers an infinite mode in which you can play as much as you want without any set time limit. Just a suggestion; every time you complete a level, don’t just tap on “next level” but try and find ways to beat your previous score which would help you unlock more levels sooner. DIFFERENT LEVELS WITH EACH MODE: There are different types of levels in the game. Starting from the easy level with only one or two obstacles in them till hard level with many obstacles and targets. Each level is uniquely designed so that it doesn’t look similar to another level. This makes it easier for you to identify the direction towards which object or target must be aimed at in order to hit it successfully. Different levels also offer different number of points for hitting its target which increases with each new difficulty level as well as new type of objects or targets being tried out throughout the same difficulty range. ENCHANTING MUSIC & SOUNDS: The background music and sounds add up an entire dimension to gameplay making it more exciting than ever before without making it too annoying at times either. You can easily adjust the effects if either one is irritating after playing for a while though not sure

Sniper Game is an exciting and challenging game for you. It is an addictive shooting game, where you need to aim and shoot bottles as they come towards you from all directions. The bottle will shoot at a random angle and at a random speed, so it won’t be easy for you. Your goal in the sniper challenge game is to beat the level by shooting at least 50% of the bottles within a given time limit. Test your shooting skills and aim with precision! You can even Challenge yourself with Time Trials which allows you to set your own target time to score higher. Improve your aiming skills by earning more gold coins along the way and unlock new guns that are more powerful than others. Use gold coins to buy new outfits, glasses, hats, ornaments and other useful things in town. Also earn extra gold coins by completing daily challenges, beating friends’ scores on leaderboards or watching advertisement videos to increase the amount of free coins given to you every

The Sniper game is a very amazing and addictive mobile game. In this game you have to shoot the bottles that are floating in the air, one by one. There are five different levels which will increase in difficulty as you proceed through the levels. The target of each level is to break all of the bottles with a single shot. If you cannot finish a level, you can replay it again, but at higher difficulties. To move from left to right and vice-versa, use your virtual joystick on your phone; otherwise, use your fingers to drag the sniper around on your screen. Have fun! Here’s how to play: - Drag your finger left or right to move left or right - Tap on the screen once to shoot a bottle - Tap twice quickly to aim and release automatically - Double tap on any bottle for faster

If you like the game of Shooting Games, then this is the right place for you. We have made a shooting based game for Android users which are called as Sniper Bottle Shooting Game. This game is fantastic and it will keep you hooked to its gameplay. It’s a bottle shooting game with some extra features that will make you fall in love with this game. This free version of the game has limited number of levels but it will be updated soon with full features and more levels to play. If you want unlimited level to play, then we recommend purchasing the Pro version of the game as it gets unlocked automatically after installation. We have created this app for Android users who are crazy about playing various shooting games and do not get bored easily from one genre of

Do you love shooting? How about trying to shoot a bottle with your finger instead of an actual gun? Well, this game is exactly for you. If you are looking for some simple and funny shooting game, then this one is just for you. Try playing this Sniper Bottle Shooting Game and see how many shots you can get before hitting the bottle. The more accurate you are, the higher your score will be. So, let’s start

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