Stickman Team Force 2

The world has never seen a force quite like the Stick Force. It’s an elite covert operations unit with special capabilities and highly advanced weapons....


How To Play Stickman Team Force 2

Instruction Controls: On mobile devices use the buttons on the screen On the keyboard move with the WASD buttons Z key to attack X key Space bar for Special. C key to change character

About: Stickman Team Force 2

The world has never seen a force quite like the Stick Force. It’s an elite covert operations unit with special capabilities and highly advanced weapons. You are a member of Stick You are not just any ordinary stickman, you have been handpicked for this elite mission. Join the Stick Force as they fight against evil forces of darkness in order to protect the good and innocent people of the world from being harmed again. Use your awesome weapons and shoot down all those who dare to step out of line! Stickman Team Force 2 is a sequel to Stickman Team Force, which was a big hit among game players. The game has different missions that can be played either solo or with friends by playing locally or online multiplayer mode. Defeat enemies, complete missions and unlock new weapons as you progress through the game! There are lots of challenging levels; some are more difficult than others but they all have their own charm that keeps you coming back again and

Stickman Team Force 2 is a new and exciting shooting is the sequel of Stickman Team this new exciting adventure you will have to face many dangerous enemies, attack military bases and discover hidden places in the island. This time your mission is more difficult than must complete all tasks without fail otherwise you will fail in this mission. Base Attack: In this game you will be attacked by many dangerous enemies from different sides at the same time! Defend yourself with your gun or try to kill them with your bullets as fast as possible. The more enemies are attacking you, the more points you’ll get for each one of them killed. That’s why it’s very important that you stay alert at every moment and know how to react every situation! To do so, learn the best counter strategies and strategies to defeat any attack successfully in Base Attack

Stickman Team Force 2 is an awesome shooting game. In the sequel, stickman commanders must fight against stick jet soldiers in various battles across the world. Once again, this is a shooting game where you have to play as one of the stickman commandos and destroy all enemies. This time there are more missions and also more weapons to use in each mission. Shop for new guns and upgrade your existing ones using money earned through completing specific objectives in each mission. Keep playing this awesome Stickman game to unlock new levels and locations! There are lots of missions for you to complete in the sequel - complete all of them and unlock more

Stickman Force 2 is a shooting game for Android phones and tablets. In this sequel of Stickman Force, you will go through many missions and tasks to complete. As in the first part of the series, there are many characters each with their own unique skills and weapons. The mission this time will take place in different locations: forest, desert, city, etc.. You must guide your team through these different scenarios while fighting against enemies and completing objectives. - 60 challenging levels - 5 characters to unlock - Different locations to explore - Multiple tasks to complete - Original graphics and animation optimized for phones and

One year after the events of Stickman Team Force, a new evil has risen. The demonic virus known as Virus X is destroying humanity at an alarming rate. With no cure in sight, the only hope for saving humankind lies in the invention of the Variable Stekov Device, or V-S device. V-S devices are capable of purifying and restraining viral creatures in order to protect humans from their harmful effects. However, there's one major problem: not enough people know about V-S devices to make it worthwhile creating them. The only way to solve this problem is by using law enforcement officers as test

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