Super Cop Training

Super Cop Training is a shooting game on HTML5 which you can play on desktop, tablet and mobile. In this game we have to train our police officer by completing...


How To Play Super Cop Training

Controls Use the left mouse button to shoot.

About: Super Cop Training

Super Cop Training is a shooting game on HTML5 which you can play on desktop, tablet and mobile. In this game we have to train our police officer by completing various challenging levels. The main character of the game is a police officer who has to fight against criminals. In order to do so we will have different weapons like pistols, shotgun, machine guns etc. The movements are very simple and they are identified quickly because of the short tutorial that appears before each level. After finishing one level, you will be able to unlock the next one in case you

This amazing game is a shooting game which you can play on your mouse or touchpad. You need to use your mouse and finger to aim the gun and shoot. How long can you last? This game is an HTML5-based shooting game that has both single-player, multiplayer, and local versus modes. You can also play it with your friends by accessing the game through your smartphone or tablet using the built-in Web browser. Each mode has its own set of guns, enemies, maps, and special items. The complete list of weapons available in This amazing game is shown below: - Pistols Self Defense> Mounted guns Self Defense> - Submachine Guns Attack> LMGs Attack> Sniper Rifles Attack> Tactical SMGs Offense> Assault SMGs Offense> - Shotguns Offense> - Machine Guns Surprise Attack> Artillery Cannons Surprise Attack> Anti Tank Guns Surprise Attack} Anti Aircraft CannonsSurprise Attack} Rocket LaunchersSurprise Attack} - Heavy Machine Guns / Rapid Fire Weapons Superior Attacker> Heavy Automatic Weapons / Burst Fire WeaponsSuperior Attacker} Super Gatling GunsSuperior Attacker)} Accelerated recoil guns/autoloading weaponsSuperior Attacker)} - Special Weapons (explosives) Smoke Grenades Stun Grenade Flash Bang Stun Mines Flash Bomb Stun Explosives Explosive Charges Magazines

Super cop training is a 3D shooting game with html5. In this game you have to train your police officer and get him ready for the real world by making him go through intense training exercises. Follow the instructions carefully and keep an eye on your performance because every small mistake will lower your scores. Keep playing until you get it right. Super cop training is very easy to play but difficult to master. You can train yourself in the different shooting games we have on our website to become the best in no time at all! If you are looking for more action-packed police training games, then look no further than Police Training

Super Cop Training is a 2D arcade style shooting game where you will play as a police officer. You have been assigned to the most secure jail in town and your mission is to test all the new police training equipment. The game starts with a simple tutorial and once you get used to it, you’ll start unlocking different levels. Use your mouse to aim and shoot at digital red targets that appear on the screen. While playing, you will also have access to up to 4 different weapons from your inventory which can be switched whenever needed by pressing the “Q” key. Each weapon has its own pros and cons but we recommend using only one until you learn about them

Gun City is an online HTML5 shooting game that you'll enjoy if you like playing action games and shooting games. The premise of the game is to train the police officer in a city called Gun City where they can practice their marksmanship skills safely outside of the city. In order to make them proficient, the city has many kinds of firearms including cowboy guns, automatics, shotguns, machine guns and sniper rifles. If you are into playing action games or shooting games then Gun City is something for you. You have to shoot as many targets as possible within the time limit while taking advantage of cover and other strategic elements in each level so that your final score will be high enough to take home a trophy at the end of each

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