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‘Terrorist’ attacks have become a regular phenomenon in the last couple of years. Even small villages or towns have been targeted by terrorists. There...


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‘Terrorist’ attacks have become a regular phenomenon in the last couple of years. Even small villages or towns have been targeted by terrorists. There is a general insecurity among the common people and authorities have failed to provide security to the common citizens. Even when there are tight security arrangements, some how something happens which could have been avoided. The common people are not safe even in their own homes. In order to deal with this problem, armed forces train their personnel so that they can tackle any type of situations no matter how difficult it may be. But what if some thing happens during this training? How will they be able to handle the situation? What would command know and how would they react? These are the kind of questions that force usually train their personnel so that they are ready for any kind of situations no matter what it may

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There is a big news that army men were attacked in one of the Army’s garrisons. As per reports, the incident took place in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri town. The attack has been carried out by a team of 4-5 heavily armed assailants. It is not yet clear as to how many have been injured in the attack. In addition to this, it is also unclear whether there are any casualties among the assailants as well. The Indian Army has confirmed that four of its soldiers have been killed and several others have been injured in the attack. While speaking to the media, a senior military official said: “It seems like an insider operation where four attackers entered straight from the LOC and opened fire at random within close range killing two soldiers instantly and injuring other two who later succumbed to their

A terrorist attack occurs when a person or group launches an armed attack against people in a specific location with the intention of spreading fear and panic, causing damage to property, and disrupting normal life. There is no agreed upon definition of what constitutes a terrorist act, and different countries have different definitions that usually follow their own laws. Even when there is agreement on the types of attacks that constitute terrorism, there is no universally accepted definition or tests for who is or isn’t a terrorist. There are many ways that the media, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations attempt to define, identify, and classify terrorists – including public interest laws like those passed in the United Kingdom after the London bombings in

Terrorism is an act of violence or threat of violence by individuals, organizations or governments in order to obtain a political, religious or other objective. It can be committed for any reason and often appears random. High profile terrorist attacks have the potential to shock large populations but there are many more instances that are less noticeable and do not make national headlines. While there is no sure way to predict when or where a terrorist attack will take place, specific warning signs can help you spot the risk before it becomes a problem. Keep reading this article if you want to know 10 Warning Signs That Indicate That You Are Living In A Violent

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