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Zombie Trigger is an amazing shooting game for Android. The whole world has been attacked by zombies and you are the only one who can stop them. Take your...


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Using Mouse

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Zombie Trigger is an amazing shooting game for Android. The whole world has been attacked by zombies and you are the only one who can stop them. Take your gun and fight the zombies in this awesome shooting game. Shoot all the zombies as possible before they reach you. Hit them from a long distance to make sure that they stay away from you for good. Keep upgrading your weapon and buy better ones from the store to become stronger against the attacking zombies by day, or at night when they come to kill you with no mercy or remorse. Just aim carefully and fire at You need clever tactics to win these battles. There are different types of zombies walking around in this town, some attack with their eyes, some with fists, some have a bite or two while others just smell your blood and they’re ready to pounce! Use different items wisely - like throwing bottles to lure them into range of other projectiles so they explode in their faces, or pebbles to throw at their feet so that they trip over each other. When more than one zombie comes at you it’s best not to panic but instead take a breath, react fast and outsmart them with wits rather than using traps, picking locks, climbing ladders - whatever it takes to make sure that no matter how many there are you will be able avoid being taken unawares! It’s important not only to kill but also keep them away from you as long as

Zombie trigger is a strategy game which is based on the idea of surviving against an army of zombies. You must defend your base against the zombie attacks by setting traps and building walls around it. The more traps you set and defensive structures you build, the better your chances are to survive. Grab your gun, aim well and shoot them down before they eat your brains! Zombie Trigger allows you to play as either targeting single soldiers or attacking an entire group at once. Player can use different types of weapons such as machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles and even laser guns to take out these infected brain-eaters. Aside from shooting them there are also other ways to wipe them out as well. Some buildings in the base have traps that can be set off once zombies get near enough so that they fall into a pit where they are then shot dead with a rifle or shotgun if they try to climb out

Zombie Trigger is a Real Action world has been taken over by the living dead, and humankind must band together to survive. In order to find food and water, survivors have begun building communities in the ruins of cities. However, not everyone is ready to live in peace with the zombies, and small outlying communities are constantly at war with one another for resources and territory. You play as a human survivor struggling against the growing horde of undead and other survivors who want to take what you have. The goal is simple: Kill or be Killed! How To Play > ? Move: WASD keys/Arrow Keys | Shoot: Mouse Aim & Left Click | Switch Weapons: Tab > Shift Key & Q Key > E key > R

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If you like Zombie games then this game is for you. It has many different type of zombies. You will get to play as a hunter who was trying to survive in a zombie infested world. There are many different types of zombies in this game which will make you try your best to survive. You have to use your wits and think fast, shoot faster and run faster than the zombies to stay alive. The creator has made sure that there aren’t any bugs or glitches in this game, so give it a try and check if everything works fine for

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