Bullet Rush Online

Bullet Rush is a fast-paced arcade shooter where you take on the role of an elite cop trying to stop a ruthless criminal from causing mass chaos by planting...


How To Play Bullet Rush Online

Using Mouse

About: Bullet Rush Online

Bullet Rush is a fast-paced arcade shooter where you take on the role of an elite cop trying to stop a ruthless criminal from causing mass chaos by planting remote-controlled car bombs in major cities. In Bullet Rush, your goal is to fight your way through each level and reach the end point before time runs out. But watch out! The criminal always seems one step ahead of you, as they are able to disarm your traps and security measures with ease before making their escape. You must use everything in your arsenal to eliminate them before they strike again. Unlike most other shooting games, Bullet Rush is played from a third-person perspective (similar to the popular PlayStation 4 exclusive “Tetris Effect”) and focuses less on tactical battles and more on fast reflexes, speed, and intuition. In order to succeed at Bullet Rush, it is important for players to master both the art of anticipating their enemies’ next move as well as executing countermeasures at high speeds. The game offers numerous types of gunfights such as Sniper Fights, Car Chases, Bomb Disarms, etc., with new ones added regularly via

Bullet Rush is a combat game. You can easily control the vehicle and use the shooting weapon to participate in this online game. Shoot as much as you can to escape from the enemies and get more points for further ranking. In addition, you will also face different kinds of enemies which all have their unique characteristics which influence how you play. For example: some of them run fast, others are very heavy or small in size like rats that are hard to hit and so on. Capturing these characteristics into your gameplay would greatly improve your skills within the game. Bullet-Rush is an interesting mix between RPG, rogue-like and action games, with a lot of variety of challenges and big bosses to fight with. It’s really refreshing after playing so many other similar

Get yourself a gun, load it with bullets and start shooting at the enemies. You are a lone survivor who has barricaded himself in his room to escape from the outside world. Get ready for this new Gun Escape Game where you will be locked inside your room with a mysterious man who wants to kill you. So, use all your wits to figure out how to get out of there before he kills you. There are many guns and bullets lying around the house. How will you use them? Escape from the house by solving puzzles and shooting your way out! Explore every corner of the house and find items that can help you escape. Use your logic skills to solve puzzles, disarm traps or unlock doors and drawers. We promise that once you play this Gun Escape Game, you will not want another one as

Bullet Rush is a Shooting Games for Android. In Bullet Rush, you will need to shoot your enemies as they run towards you and try to kill you. You can hide behind objects, walls and other people to stay alive. If you are an Escape Games fan, then this game might be perfect for you! It gives the similar feeling of being trapped in a small place where there’s no way out. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible by hiding from enemies and using various items around the place to build traps or hide from them. It gets harder as time goes on while new enemies appear frequently. It’s up to you how much time you spend playing it since it has endless gameplay

Nowadays, the world is full of crime, guns and violence. In such a situation, people have started looking for fighting games to release their inner anger in an instant. Well, we won’t blame you if you have no other option but to look for such games. In this article, we will discuss some of the best shooting games that you can play online to release your stress and tension. These types of games are known as ‘Shooter Games’ or ‘Action Games’. Let us have a look at what these type of games

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