DEAD Zombie TARGET Shooting Game

Did you ever think shooting zombies would be so much fun? Well, believe it or not and they are! You’re going to love this game! Zombie Target Shooting...


How To Play DEAD Zombie TARGET Shooting Game

move player with arrow and use the left mouse button for the shoot and right for zoom

About: DEAD Zombie TARGET Shooting Game

Did you ever think shooting zombies would be so much fun? Well, believe it or not, they are! You’re going to love this game! Zombie Target Shooting Game is a virtual 3D world where you can use your target shooting skills to defend yourself from waves of hungry and very creepy zombies. Maybe you have seen similar games before but trust us, this one is really fun and challenging! Are you ready for this epic challenge? Prove it by playing now and see how many levels you can get through until you give up. It will take some time until you master the art of zombie hunting but when you do, we are sure that your friends will be impressed. So what are you waiting for? Download now and get

Are you ready to take on the undead? Prove your skills as a sniper and become the ultimate target shooter by taking out zombies from afar. Look for their weak spots and aim for precise headshots with your trusty gun. Be careful though because you only have limited bullets. In this 3D shooting game, use your mouse to shoot and hit the target at different angles to find their weak spots. Once you see their weak spot, keep an eye out for it when aiming again or else you won’t be able to shoot them in that spot again. Keep practicing until you can take down all of the zombies without missing a single

In this game, you are a brave sniper and your mission is to survive till the end and shoot all undead targets. There are many challenging levels where you have to eliminate zombies from different distances before they get too close. So, be fast, alert, and accurate because the sooner you end the level, the more bonus points you’ll receive. Try to defeat every zombie as fast as possible and with the least amount of bullets. Aim and shoot before they attack you with their claws or jump on your position to catch you off guard ;-) Enjoy this free 3d shooting game and good

Want to test your accuracy and shooting skills? Try this 3D Zombie Target Shooting Game. You will be locked in a room with zombies, who constantly attack you by jumping at you from all sides. With your help, they won’t get past that wall and escape the room. We have designed this game keeping in mind how much you like and enjoy playing sniper games. If yes then we are sure that you will love this game as well. Let’s see how much you like this game by checking out some of its

Have you ever wanted to be a zombie-killing superhero? Now is your chance! Zombified is a new 3D shooting game where you can shoot as many zombies as you want! Fight your way through graveyards, abandoned towns, and creepy forests to save humanity from the undead apocalypse. Upgrade your armor and weapons to make you the ultimate sniper. Improve your accuracy by practicing with target shooting games like this one where you need to shoot those pesky zombies before they eat

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