Gun Sprint

Gun is an HTML5 shooting game with a unique and awesome graphics. You have to protect the civilians from the attackers by using different guns at different...


How To Play Gun Sprint

Tap to flip the gun. Get the right angle so you can jump further.

About: Gun Sprint

Gun is an HTML5 shooting game with a unique and awesome graphics. You have to protect the civilians from the attackers by using different guns at different situations. - Good luck and have

If you’re looking for a fast-paced arcade shooter that will make you dance in your seat, try out Gun Sprint. This hyper casual game will prove to be insanely challenging and super addictive. The goal of the game is to dodge the bullets by swiping left or right on the screen. Successfully completing a level unlocks new weapons, levels and tracks from different genres such as electronic music, rock and country. The current version of the game contains 20 treacherous tracks in 5 challenging environments filled with tons of enemies; a boss at the end of each one. To unlock new tracks, weapon upgrades or other features you will have to pay real money with coins earned in-game or purchase them via an external payment service. However, we plan on adding free DLC every now and then so check back often to see what’s

Shoot your way to victory in this carefully crafted strategy game. Challenge waves of enemies as you aim and shoot your way through a variety of arenas. Guns of Boom is an arcade style strategy shooting game where you have to survive waves of enemies, upgrade your weapons and score as many points as possible. Use special power-ups to gain an advantage over the other enemy players or save them from being killed by using different traps. You will earn gold coins for each level you beat; spend them on new weapons, traps and other upgrades in the shop. You need to upgrade your weapon before you can take on the tougher enemies again or use them in battle against the enemy players so that they don’t beat you too

If you’re a fan of guns, explosions and zombies alike, then you need to check out Guns Zombie 2 – the sequel to one of the most fun and addictive top-down zombie shooter games around. With tons of upgrades available in the base camp, your goal is to protect your base against waves of attacking zombies. You’ll have to stay sharp though because they are coming in masses! You can upgrade your base with turrets or traps as well as purchase new weapons, armor, hats and other useful items from the mini-market and carpenter. Supply chain management is key in this game so be sure to craft all possible upgrades for your base as soon as possible. If you’re ready for carnage, begin playing

Shooting games are fun and they help us pass time. Its not something that can be polished because the nature demands that the player should get immediate feedback when they press a button. Hence, youll find many casual shooting games that have a limited feature set and simplistic mechanics. However, this doesnt mean we cant try to make such games better by adding more features and refining their mechanics so it is easier for players to understand them. In this post, Ill cover one of these improvements as well as its advantages over the old structure of shooting games; The Gun

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