Machine Gun Gardener

If you love action games and gardening, then the game for you! This game is about a plant that loves to eat blood and flowers. There are a lot of zombies...


How To Play Machine Gun Gardener

Controls Mouse + Keyboard Controls WASD = move Left shift + WASD = run Space = jump Mouse = look Left mouse button = fire primary weapon Right mouse button / R = fire secondary weapon 1-4 on keyboard or mouse wheel = cycle secondary weapons Tab: pause menu X = cancel / back / exit menu Gamepad Controls See Controls menu for details

About: Machine Gun Gardener

If you love action games and gardening, then the game for you! This game is about a plant that loves to eat blood and flowers. There are a lot of zombies in the garden, so you have to be brave and fight them! Garden Warfare is a simple action game to learn and play with your friends and family. It requires collaboration, communication and strategy. The game plays 2 players against each

Do you love war games? Do you want to get a little more creative while gardening? This post is for you if you answered yes to both of these questions. The post is about a new web game where you can play as a gardener and fight the zombies with a machine gun. The game is called Machine Gun Gardener and you can play it here. The game is about a gardener who is trying to protect his garden from zombies. The zombies are attacking the gardener from all sides and he has to fight them with a machine gun. In this article, we will tell you about the game, rules and help you to play it. Let’s get

You’re in the middle of a desperate battle for survival, and you don’t have time for gardening or nature. You need to fight off the attacking zombies and other enemies before they get to you. You have a trusty machine gun, and it is your only chance. Luckily, you know a few tricks about gardening and nature. Your garden is your fort as well as your weapon against the enemy. Plant deadly traps and watch your enemies fall into your hands. Planting seeds and harvesting crops is your life. Upgrade your weapon, buy new seeds and guns, and blast away with your trusty machine gun. Are you ready to become a Machine Gun

The zombie apocalypse has come, and you must fight to survive! You are the last human on Earth and have been locked away in an underground military base. The zombies above have sealed you away, so now you have time to grow and upgrade your living weapon: a machine gun garden! With the right supplies, you can collect and grow anything! Your garden is your home now, so it needs to be protected at all costs. You can upgrade plants, water them, raise them, and even protect them from zombies! If you’re ready, grab a shovel and a watering can, and get to

The war torn zombie apocalypse is the last thing you want to deal with when you’re just trying to grow some vegetables. But then again, you’re not just trying to grow some vegetables. You’re trying to grow some tomatoes. And that means you need a little extra help from the big green machine gun. Armed with only your wits and a machine gun, you must take on the zombie hordes and make it through the season. Plant tomatoes, harvest tomatoes, protect your tomatoes, and upgrade your machine gun. Sounds easy,

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