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Mr Gun Master is an addictive 3D FPS shooting game with a unique game play and graphics. In this virtual reality game, you are a guard in the gun factory and your duty is to protect it from being destroyed. It’s not that easy as it looks like. Enemies keep coming at you from all sides and you have to shoot them down before they break through your defense. This survival shooter places you in the shoes of an armed guard who must defend a restricted area against an onslaught of enemies using multiple weapon types. Mastering the sniper rifle, submachine gun, handgun, or shotgun will be key to keeping them at bay with judicious use of ammunition! Gun Master is a fast-paced first person action shooter game where your objective is to eliminate waves of attackers while protecting the entrance to your base. You will get access to assault rifles, sniper rifles and many others during the course of the game. It's up to you how fast you can master them Good luck^^ If you download and install now This game, it will challenge your reaction time and trigger finger like no other app has done before. Let’s download right away and start

Mr. Gun Master is an epic first-person shooting game. You are a special agent who must eliminate the enemy agents in different locations by using your sniper gun. You can upgrade your skills, weapons and gear as you progress through this awesome game. Players start with a basic level weapon and must complete challenging levels to unlock more advanced weapons and other features of this awesome FPS game. There are tons of hidden secrets in each location that can be unlocked with special keys found during the

This game is a fun and interactive shooting game designed for mobile devices. In this game, you assume the role of This one, the world’s most famous gun tester. In this challenging simulation game, your mission is to test all kinds of guns and rate them in terms of their performance. This addictive free game features intuitive controls and an exciting gameplay experience. Impress your friends with your sharp eye and steady hand. Prove that you are the best gun tester by testing as many guns as you

This is a great first person shooter game where you start off as a new recruit to become the best gun master. You will be given missions that will test your skills and reflexes and each one of them has its own challenge. You will have to use strategy, precision, and fast reactions to complete them all. If you like this game, please give it a thumbs up and share with your friends so they can also have fun playing

Mr Gun Master is a fast-paced shooting game for mobile and tablet. New version 3.0 just launched! This game is a combination of challenging strategy and action-packed shooting game. You will be the final master of guns, who can destroy all enemies in this world with your fantastic gun skills. There are many unpredictable challenges waiting for you. Let’s explore them

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