Real Shooting Fps Strike

Real Shooting Fps is a free and funny first person shooter with sniper, gun & cool sniper shooting game. Challenge the best shooters in this multiplayer...


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Key Features • Smart Enemy AI System • Minimal Data usage • Addicting FPS Gameplay • Smooth Game Controls • Amazing Animations • 3d effects • Modern guns • New maps and thrilling missions Instruction Movement - WASD, fire - left mouse, zoom - right mouse, jump - space, lock cursor - L, Crouch - C, Reload - R Game Wiki Page

About: Real Shooting Fps Strike

Real Shooting Fps is a free and funny first person shooter with sniper, gun & cool sniper shooting game. Challenge the best shooters in this multiplayer fps game, be the winner and strike every target! This addictive fps shooter game will test your real sniper shooting skills. Are you ready to become the ultimate soldier? Then play now this amazing strike game with awesome guns, missions and challenges! This top-notch strike game offers endless gameplay perfect for stress relief and passing time. Download now and see if you can beat the high score! The battlefield has never been so or so much fun. You’ll be locked, loaded, and scared as you take on other players in this tense first person shooter challenge! It’s easy to start playing and challenging opponents from around the world. If you like sniper games like CS Go or PUBG then you’ll love this online single player shooter game that will test your aim, focus, and ability to think fast under pressure. You are going to love these different battle scenarios that keep things interesting even after you finish leveling

Real Shooting FPS Strike offers a realistic shooting experience in a virtual world. The game takes place in a city that has been destroyed by an unknown armed force. As a member of the Strike Force, you will need to defend civilians and neutralize the enemy threat. You are equipped with different strike weapons for different situations: shotguns for close combat, assault rifles for medium range, or sniper rifles for long distance shots. You can also use throwables to attack from a distance. Your team mates will assist you on your missions with their knowledge of support and intel ops. Fight together as a team and survive another day in this virtual war

Are you ready for the ultimate FPS challenge? This shooting game requires lightning fast reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, and a whole lot of patience. Test your shooting skills and challenge yourself to finish each level in this addicting sniper game. Ready, aim… Shoot! If you love challenging FPS games like CS Strike or Call of Shooter then this awesome first person shooter is perfect for

Shoot the bullseye and get a high score in this addictive game! The game challenges you to shoot as many targets as possible before time runs out. So, how well can you shoot? Test your skills and see if you can beat your friends. Watch out for those tricky traps - they are there to make things more challenging! How far can you get and how high can you score? Let’s find

Real Shooting FPS is a funny first person shooter game with sniper, spy, hacker and other special features. The game has a user-friendly interface and excellent graphics. Challenge your friends and family and see who can get the highest score! Pick up your gun, load it with some bullets and start shooting! Good

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