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Agent 13 from the Captain America movies is one of the most deadly agents has ever trained. She’s an expert in stealth, as well as hand-to-hand combat and sniper rifles! In this new game you will get to control Agent 13 on a secret mission where she has to use her shooting skills, sneak around and take down those bad guys with her sniper rifle! If you like playing spy games that combine shooting and sneaking levels, then you will love this new game! Impress your friends with your shooting skills and have fun playing this addicting new mobile

Are you ready to get yourself into the shoes of a secret agent? If yes, then you are at the right place! We bring you a super-exciting and adventurous game called ‘Secret Sniper Agent 13’. In this game, your main objective is to help Agent 13 in eliminating all the enemies that are plotting against her so that they don’t succeed in their evil plans. Moreover, she has been trapped inside an old abandoned fort along with the villains. Now, it’s up to you – can you rescue Agent 13 from these villains by shooting them down one by one before it’s too

Agent 13 is an operative with her own unique skill set and specialty. Get ready, agent! You'll need to utilize all of your training to track down the evil Viper and put a stop to their plans once and for all! Stay undetected as you hunt down targets in this epic sniper game; one false move and you’ll be detected, or worse – discovered dead! If you like this game, you can also

You are the best sniper agent. Your job is very risky, but you are trained well for this. You have to eliminate all the targets given to you within a minute. The moment you finish one level, another one awaits you. If you like playing sniper games and need more challenges, then this game is just perfect for you. Keep reading to know more about this game and how to play it

Agent 13 is back and this time she’s bringing her sniper rifle. Help her defeat the evil organization with another secret agent. You need to identify and shoot your targets before they disappear again. This is a fast-paced game where you need to think quickly, use your spy instincts, and take aim at the right target. Do you have what it takes to help Agent

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