Sharkosaurus Rampage

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Sharkosaurus Rampage is a Kaiju Simulation game where you’ll have to manage your resources, build and upgrade your Hunter, select from different Kaiju and battle them in different Maps. Build up your base camp as fast as possible with the limited resources you have. You will be able to survive longer by upgrading your base; upgrading includes building new buildings, adding rooms and upgrading them with better equipment and walls. Upgrade everything including walls that are weak against certain attacks so that they can withstand the next attack. Build an air-conditioning unit so that you don’t melt under the hot sun. Gather up energy from Kaiju carcasses to bring back to camp. Like other Sim games, there are different resource points you will need to take care of in order to play; these include air vents, generators and power plants. Also, keep an eye out on the enemy as they may appear at a random time without giving any warning or clues about where they will show up next time. Put together a team of Kaiju that are strong against the enemies like an ambush attack or surprise attack so it becomes easier for you to destroy them instead of having several battles against them one after

Sharkosaurus is an action game in which you control a prehistoric shark that has come back to life. As you go through the game you will meet other prehistoric creatures and have to fight them in order to survive. You have to destroy all of your enemies in each level, but also try not to get destroyed by them yourself. The game features destructible environments and a lot of enemies with which you can challenge yourself. The more enemies you destroy, the higher your score! The game features multiple levels with increasing difficulty, making this an excellent game for players of all ages. It’s easy enough for everyone to play but challenging enough that it won’t get old quickly. The graphics are simple and cartoonish, but they work well for the genre. This is great for young children who will find it easy to understand what’s going on, while older children or adults who enjoy casual games will also enjoy this one

Are you a big fan of dinosaur games and love playing them? If you do, then this game is just for you! Are you wondering what it’s all about? Well, let us tell you that in this game, you will play the role of a dino named Sharko. He is so excited to be playing these dinosaur games and he can’t stop doing it either! You see, there are so many different kinds of dino games out there but they are all completely awesome! So if you want to play an amazing dino game as well, then try out Sharkosaurus Rampage right away! It’s a free to play dino game that belongs to the simulation category. The point of the game is to destroy everything on your path so make sure that you get good at dodging obstacles while

In Sharkosaurus Rampage you take control of a Were-Shark. After a ship carrying the sharks collide with a whaling ship off the coast, all of the sharks are mutated into bloodthirsty killing machines. You must stop them from reaching land and destroying humanity! Use your wits to outrun, trap, and destroy the other sharks before they destroy you! Features: - Unlock new Sharks - Unlock Achievements - Unlock Leaderboards - Easy to play, Hard to master strategy gameplay. Never get

There are many dinosaurs roaming around, and scaring the other animals. Everyone is afraid of these dinosaurs, so they built a city to protect themselves from the dinosaurs. The more you play this game, the more challenging it gets. This game really tests your reaction time, reaction planning and concentration. Are you up for the challenge? Play this dinosaur action game

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Using Mouse

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