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About Sheriff Shoot

You are a sheriff who has to go after some outlaws who are holding hostages in a house. You must go through different levels and shoot the bad guys before they can get to the hostages. Have

One cop is dead and another is missing. You’re up against a ruthless gang of killers who are determined to take you down. Your only chance of survival lies in infiltrating their twisted world and snuffing out their sick and twisted cartel activity. As the streets begin to riot, you’ll be forced into an underground shootout game where you’ll take down your enemies by shooting them with your trusty revolver – or be blown to pieces by their heavy-duty AR–15s. In Sheriff Shoot,you get to choose from one of six different characters with unique abilities and weapons. Each character has it’s own set of challenges they have to face as well as side missions that can be completed in order to advance the story. The writing is simple and easy to follow, which makes this a great game for everyone regardless of age or skill

In the video game Sheriff Shoot, the sheriff grew bored and decided to kill some time by having fun shooting bottles. On the other hand, the day before, he had consumed a pint of strong beer, which caused his motions to become rather shaky. In this condition, it is highly improbable that he will hit the targets, thus it is imperative that you assist the hero in Sheriff Shoot so that he does not embarrass himself in front of his buddies. Take control of the sheriff's hands and direct them to the target with the gun.


How to play Sheriff Shoot

Using Mouse

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