Shootezio is a fast paced, multiplayer shooting game. You will be given a gun and some targets to shoot at in order to get as many points as possible....


How To Play

Using Mouse


Shootezio is a fast paced, multiplayer shooting game. You will be given a gun and some targets to shoot at in order to get as many points as possible. The more targets you shoot at, the higher your score! The faster the targets are shot, the higher your score will be. To play Shootezio you must have an iPhone or iPad with ARKit installed. ARKit is required in order to enable 3D Models inside games on iOS

This is a simple and fun game. In this game you will have to defend your base from the attacking enemies by using shooting from your towers, guns and turrets. Also collect coins to unlock new turrets, upgrade them and buy new gun skins. The game design is easy so that anyone can easily play it without any technical knowledge or background. So what are you waiting for? Download the game and start playing

Gunzio is a multiplayer first person shooter where you can play solo, or against other players in 3 different game modes: Death Match, Capture the Tower and Elimination. In all game modes, you have to capture the enemy’s flag and return it to your base. The amount of points you get for capturing the enemy’s flag depends on several factors such as the type of gun you use, how many enemies are defending their flag, the distance between your guns and theirs, how much time passes before you recapture their flag

Shooterzio is a multi-player shooting game. You will face opponent from across the map to wipe them out. Play against multiple opponents in this fast-paced 3D shooter. It has various maps which allows you to play with your friends anytime and

This game is all about shooting and the enemies who keep coming. As a bullet-shooting sniper, you have to eliminate the enemies one by one from different locations. The locations are designed in such a way that you can eliminate the enemies without them seeing you. You as a sniper must be careful of your surroundings as well as the places where you plan to shoot from and not get detected. The game has different types of enemies, each with their own unique skills and abilities which make them more dangerous than others. You can also upgrade your weapons and armor so that they become stronger against different kinds of attacks. Shoot out everyone and become the greatest sniper

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