Zombie Squad

Zombie Squad, the only defense team that can stop them. You'll have to drive your car, battle with other AI cars and use your guns to fend off the attacking...


How To Play Zombie Squad

Using Mouse

About: Zombie Squad

Zombie Squad, the only defense team that can stop them. You'll have to drive your car, battle with other AI cars and use your guns to fend off the attacking zombies. To survive in this apocalyptic world you will have to team up with other players or fight solo against all humans if they invade your city. This game is an online multiplayer game where you join forces with others to defeat hordes of zombies in different locations around the city. Assemble a team of friends and fight alongside them against the zombie attackers! The more players on your side, the stronger you are and the better chance you have at surviving this crazy new world. There are no safe places anymore as hordes of undead are attracted by every small town or village. Join us today and become a zombie squad

This game is an online action game and the sequel to Zombie City. In this game, you control a squad of three agents to fight against zombies. Your goal is to survive as long as possible by fighting off zombie attacks. As the name suggests, this game takes place in a city overrun with zombies. You play as one of the members of the zombie squad who must search for survivors and rescue them from the zombie hordes before they turn. Throughout your journey, you will discover various locations and meet new people whom you can team up with for a better chance at staying alive longer. Through cooperation and trust, you can also build up your base to help protect those who are trapped inside it from ever being attacked again. The more survivors that are sheltered there, the better your chances of doing well in the final battle against all those hungry

This amazing game is a city-based driving, shooting and adventure game. Your mission is to survive in an undead apocalypse. Drive your car around the city and help civilians to reach their desired destinations. To drive your car you have to use the Arrow keys, Z = Brake and X = Accelerate. The Arrow keys controls movements of the car while Z or X brakes/accelerates it. To shoot press spacebar as well as left mouse button to aim and right mouse button to fire bullets. With every new level you are going to unlock new cars for driving such as muscle car, 4x4 etc.. You can also upgrade your cars with nitro packs which will increase speed and acceleration by 10% when used in the same car. Also there are numerous other upgrades available like engine power up, nitro boost up

ZOMBIES have invaded the city and citizens are seeking refuge. As a member of an elite unit make you are tasked with entering the city and eliminating the zombie threat. Fight your way through checkpoints until you reach the end where you will face off against numerous types of zombies in a final showdown to save humanity. - Thrilling storyline that keeps you engaged from start to finish! - Upgradeable weapon system, upgrade your weapons and access more powerful guns as the game progresses! - Different enemy types that require different tactics to take down with different weapons! - Challenging checkpoint system that forces you to replay areas if you fail! Your progress is saved so you can continue from where you left off at any

Zombie Squad is a city driving game where you will drive through the city and shoot zombies to survive. A horde of zombies have invaded the city, and it's up to you to save the citizens! Drive your way through dangerous roads, and pick up weapons along the way. You aren’t alone in this fight. Join forces with other survivors, upgrade your car and shoot down as many zombies as you can! The more zombies you kill, the higher your score multiplier gets. Keep shooting, keep upgrading, and keep surviving as long as you

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