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Commando is a first person shooter game. You play as an elite sniper, who is part of the special forces team and your task is to neutralize all enemies from different locations. Use your sniper rifle to shoot them before they notice you. Avoid shooting with automatic weapons, so that enemy s won’t hear you and hunt you down. Keep track of the number of bullets in each clip and reload your gun when necessary. There are four different locations for you to complete this mission: jungle, arctic, desert and military base. At each location there are 10 different enemies waiting for you to come and kill them. Don’t let them catch you off guard or you will die quickly. And remember: only headshots will neutralize each enemy permanently; shots to other body parts won’t kill them but just make them weaker until they recover and continue attacking you again; if an enemy runs away from you it means he has noticed your presence so be careful when approaching him again – he may have laid traps for you or have his back covered by another friend waiting for the right moment to attack; there are health packs scattered around the level that can heal minor wounds but don't underestimate their value - use them carefully when needed; explosive barrels can help in case of danger - throw them at some distance from yourself if an enemy gets too close or plant it somewhere else where it's not likely to hurt anyone; watch out for these red arrows because they indicate danger areas

This one Shooting is a fast paced first person shooter game that can be played in your browser for free. The game puts you in the shoes of an elite special forces operator who must use his wits and reflexes to complete various missions that involve shooting as many enemy combatants as possible before being killed or reaching the exit. You won’t find much hand-holding here, so get ready to get blown up again and again until you master this challenging

This game vs Weapons is an addictive shooting game with amazing 3D graphics and animations. You as a This game need to fight against forces of the enemies by using different weapons. There are many hidden traps, twists and turns in this game. This will test your reaction time, strategy and wit. The game has all the elements of an action-packed first person shooter, which will keep you glued to the screen for hours

Commando is a fun and fast-paced shooting game with awesome guns and action-packed missions. Your job as a commando is to hunt down the enemy, neutralize them, and complete different objectives in different locations. To be able to shoot and neutralize your enemies you need weapons. In this article, we will show you where to find all the weapons in This game so that you can get an advantage over your

Shooting is a game where the player controls a commando equipped with different weapons and has to eliminate his enemies. The game has 20 challenging levels of shooting, action, and stealth gameplay. There are many hidden traps, enemies will attack you from all sides. You need to be alert to stay alive. Good

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