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About Machine Gun Squad

Are you excited to play a fast-paced shooting game with cute guys? If yes, then let’s join the Machine Gun Squad now! In this game, you as a player have to shoot at the approaching enemies. If they come close enough to you, they will attack and kill you. Watch your health bar and take care of your life. Try to find out the best places to ambush them and improve your aiming skills during the game. Have

Machine Gun Squad is a fast-paced shooting game with no story, no secondary objectives and no tutorial. The only thing you need to know is that you have to stay alive and kill as many enemies as possible. Stay alert at all times because these aliens won't make it easy for you. Good

In this game you will be playing with a squad of 3 machine gun shooters. Your task is to cover your team and destroy the enemies before they destroy you. Use your mouse to shoot, reload and change weapon. Stay alert and keep shooting until the last enemy goes down! Good

This squad is armed with a heavy machine gun and ready to take on the enemies. The squad will have to be fast and accurate to shoot down the incoming soldiers from the enemy team. Shoot as many as you can before they get you! Good

Ready, aim and fire! Take on the role of an intrepid Machine Gun Squad member and fight against enemy forces in this war shooter. Your primary objective is to neutralize the enemies as quickly as possible while staying out of their

How to play Machine Gun Squad

Using Mouse

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