Mr. Mafia

Mr Mafia is a new puzzle game, which combines the gameplay of hidden objects and shoot-them-up. The player takes the role of a new recruit in the mafia...


How To Play Mr. Mafia

Tap to shoot

About: Mr. Mafia

Mr Mafia is a new puzzle game, which combines the gameplay of hidden objects and shoot-them-up. The player takes the role of a new recruit in the mafia family and must prove his worth by completing various tasks: as an errand boy, hitman, cleaner or even janitor. Each of these missions comes with its very own set of challenges. You will need to find items quickly, clean up after bloody messes, or solve shooting puzzles to climb the ranks and become a full-fledged member of the mafia family. You can download Mr Mafia - Hidden Objects Puzzle Shooter now from Google Play Store! Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you

You are the boss of a notorious mafia family. The police is looking for you and your associates as they want to bring you down. You have to find a good hideout and protect your men from the police. As you are the boss, you have access to more information than your men so you need to lead them with intelligence. To escape this tight spot, you have to undertake different missions like robbing banks or houses, shooting policemen etc. Remember that while doing all this, try not to get caught by the police because once they catch you, it’s game over! Good luck Mr

In Mr. Mafia, you will be playing as the character of a boy who is the son of an organized crime family boss. His father has been locked up for many years and now it’s time for him to take over his father’s business. However, things are not going to be easy for him because he will have a lot of enemies trying to bring him down. To help you on your journey, we have compiled this Mr. Mafia strategy guide that will offer some tips and tricks so that you can succeed in this game without any hiccups along the way. Happy

Shoot Mr. Mafia is a new puzzle shooting game with a dynamic and challenging need to shoot the Red Mafias, one by one or as much as possible, before they reach the exit of the room. This will be difficult because you only have limited bullets,and there are various obstacles that get in your way. In each level you must find a way to block all their routes so that they cannot escape from it. If you like action games and puzzles then this game is for you! Are You Ready? Let's

Vito is a small town guy with big dreams. He wants to leave his mark on the world and become a famous gangster. In this crazy mob world, only those who are willing to kill and be killed stand a chance to succeed. To achieve that end, Vito trains hard day after day and perfects his shooting skills. Help him win the war against rival mafias by shooting them before they shoot

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