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About Special Strike Operations

Strike Operations is a third person shooter game. You will have to fight against several waves of enemies in different environments. You are locked in one area and you have to defend yourself until help arrives or until you destroy all your enemies. There are 20 different types of enemies that you need to be aware of, their special AI and attack strategies. The game has 4 difficulty levels and will get harder as you progress through the game. The first level is easy, with few enemies and little health points for each of them. But after some time it becomes difficult, with more enemies that can kill you in a second. Do not give up! Keep

You are the last hope for humanity. The bunker labs were built to test special ops soldiers in the event of an alien invasion. Once you enter, there is no turning back. In this escape room style shoot-and-survive game, you must find and shoot all of the aliens before they destroy you and the bunker. In this VR game, you’ll need to locate and upgrade your weapons by searching the facility for hidden supply lockers and unlocking them with keys that you find as you go along. When fighting the aliens, use cover effectively to stay alive. Good

The game is about a special strike force unit, who are sent on an extremely risky mission. The ultimate goal of this team is to destroy the enemy base and remove all threats to the humanity as soon as possible. The game offers you 6 different types of locations and missions. You can choose different characters with unique abilities and further improve their skills throughout the game. There are many challenging tasks waiting for you – see if you have what it takes to complete them all! Good

Special Strike Ops is an online first-person shooter game with a strong emphasis on team play. Players of this tactical third-person shooter must work together as a team to eliminate the opposing team and achieve their objectives. Special Strike Ops is a competitive game which means that players are matched based on their skill level and compete against each other in different types of matches. There are three primary game modes in this game: Normal Mode, Custom Mode, and Training

How to play Special Strike Operations

Using Mouse

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