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Ready to fight again? If you are ready, then put on your armor and load your weapons. We bring you Zombie Clash 3d: Multiplayer Shooting

This Halloween join a band of Harlequins in their attempt to take back an abandoned circus site from evil Zombies. Arm yourself with deadly double barrelled shotgun or a special crossbow shooting explosive arrows and lead your way to victory! Be on guard - evil Zombies want to enjoy Halloween party too, so be prepared for some cruel resistance. Try to sneak the Scarecrow dummy from the Mad Circus and deliver it to enemy base to become victorious. Upgrade your weapons and unlock golden skins. Shoot as many zombies as you can this Halloween and get to the top scores.

Welcome to the world of Zombie Clash 3D, where you have to take up arms and fight against zombies. You are a survivor; as a member of an elite team your job is to eliminate every zombie in sight. This game is one of the best 3d shooting games with multiplayer that you could find online. If you like first-person shooters (FPS), you’ll love this game! In this game, you get to be various characters, each with his own abilities and upgrades. Fight against the undead - They are coming to destroy you! With your team and sniper rifle ready, prepare for the final clash with

Zombie Clash 3D is a multiplayer action game set in a post-apocalyptic world that sees you as one of the last remaining survivors. You need to fight to stay alive and kill hordes of zombies with a variety of different weapons. There are lots of different game modes and plenty of unlockable weapons and characters. The game has cartoonish graphics with an interesting dynamic lighting system which makes the blood look very realistic. This article explains how to play Zombie Clash 3d, the rules, tips and tricks, and how to win more

Do you like shooting games? Zombie Clash 3D is an action shooter game with tons of zombies to kill! Will you be able to survive this new outbreak? You will have to fight through hordes of zombies and destroy the virus at its source. This brand new third installment will test your ability to react in tense situations and make quick decisions. Prove that you are the best gamer and become the last survivor. Are you ready? Let’s start the

You are the last survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Now, you must fight to stay alive in this 3D shooter game! Play as the sniper, soldier or other characters and kill tons of zombies. You will have lots of weapons and upgrades to choose from. There are different locations for you to explore and more awesome features are coming soon. Ready? Let’s

How to play Zombie Clash 3D

WASD - movement SPACE - jump C - crouch RMB - aim TAB - score table

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