DEAD TARGET Zombie Shooting Game

Welcome to Dead Target Zombie Shooting Game, Where you are a lone survivor trapped in a hospital with zombies wandering all around. You have to fight them...


How To Play DEAD TARGET Zombie Shooting Game

Using Mouse

About: DEAD TARGET Zombie Shooting Game

Welcome to Dead Target Zombie Shooting Game, Where you are a lone survivor trapped in a hospital with zombies wandering all around. You have to fight them and survive the night before they get you. As The Infected Arrive - so must you. Your mission is simple: Kill Them All. However, there’s more than just undead in this hospital, other survivors lurk as well and they won’t hesitate to gun you down if given the chance. They might not be zombies yet but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for an opportunity to become one. Their goal is the same: To Eat You Survive Until The Morning - Then Escape! Will You Make It? Or Will Zombies Make You? Dead Target Zombie Shooting Game is one of those rare games which will keep you hooked from start to finish and replay it over and over again until you master it completely. It has awesome graphics and sounds effects; engaging gameplay; multiple unlockable weapons; challenging levels; challenging boss battles; zombie types with unique abilities that get stronger as the game progresses; survivor types that come in different sizes, shapes, and attack There are lots of characters with individual traits, likes and dislikes which makes it much more entertaining than most mobile shooting games out there these days. What are you still waiting for? Enjoy playing Dead Target Zombie Shooting

Kill zombies, collect weapons and ammo and get ready to enter the bloody battlefield of the dead! Discover the secret lab, a small town or in the house of your friend who might have a zombie apocolypse survival plan. Zombies are not random. They’re people who were bitten and turned into walking corpses. You must be extremely careful when encountering any zombie because they can sense your fear and that can make them stronger than you ever thought possible! The only way to end this is to go back to where it all began. To kill the virus before it kills us all… The DEAD ZONE SHOOTING GAME lets you experience this inner conflict with epic graphics and realistic sound effects. With multiple maps, upgradeable weapons and customizable characters, you'll never be able to get enough of this blood-pumping action game! Stay tuned for more updates

This is a Zombie Shooting Game. You are playing as a doctor in an hospital who has to kill zombies coming in the hospital. Zombies have been invading the hospital and eating human beings. The zombies have increased by so much that they now enter hospitals in search of food. It is your duty as a doctor to save the patients from the evilness that lurks outside the hospitals. Use your gun to shoot them, one by one and eliminate them from this world. But be careful! These aren’t normal zombies, there are some special zombies with powers and abilities who can alert other humans about you when you try to eliminate them. Shoot them well so that other humans don’t know you are killing them or else more will come after you for killing their kind! Good luck and happy

Imagine a world where zombies roam the streets and people have turned into mindless, bloodthirsty killers. These are dark times! And you are well equipped to survive As a trained soldier of the great army, you have been trained to kill as many zombies as possible in short time while keeping yourself safe from them. But how far can you go? Will you be able to save anyone when the end of humanity is

You are a top-notch sharpshooter on the police force. You’ve been assigned to investigate a series of murders in the city where you work. So far, you have only one witness who claims that the perpetrator is a pale-looking man with no nose or visible eyes or mouth. The uniform that he was wearing is covered in blood and other stains. You are tasked with finding this guy before he strikes

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